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June 08, 2006



It's funny - my ds (around Allan's age) has had this willing suspension of disbelief, but deep down he knows knows that the characters don't truly exist. My son is very into proof, science, history, fact books, etc. and if he cannot SEE proof, he has a lot of skepticism. THOUGH...he so wants to believe in it all sometimes, that he actually does. SO CUTE! Love the photo by the way!!!!! He still loves finding money. Always a thrill - hey, I WANT TO FIND MONEY, but don't want to lose my teeth! Have a great day.

Ashley G

Good cover! You are quick on your feet!

Kelley Popp

Hee-hee gotta love the way kids think... Great photo of Mr. Al! TFS.


omgosh that is a riot!
sad when they grow up and figure stuff out:(
Fun picture and I hope you will scrap this story!


ha ha!!! Too funny!! :)


you have a smart one there! that's a great picture.


That is too funny!!

sue treiber

great story!
I hope I will be as quick as you when my cover is about to be blown!


Good save!
Looking at your two side by side there is cool. He has your beautiful smile.


Ohhhhhhhh, quick thinking!!!!!! :D And A's adorable!

Amy B-perumbula

LOL, he's a clever one!


Ah...you are so wise...and love your take on this!
What a great age...enjoy!
He is darling...love the grin...and those beautiful eyes!
Have a wonderful weekend!

robyn bedsaul(twinsplus1)

OMG he's a BLAST!!!!


Oh Torm. At least he doesn't come into your bedroom the next morning with a quivering lip and hysterical cries when you ask "What's wrong?!"

"The tooth fairy forgot to come!"

I felt so bad. And made lame excuses for the errant fairy. I'll never live that one down.


fabulous storytelling, as always, Sharyn!

Wanda E. Santiago

Growing up is such a joy and such a wonder!! Love ya Wanda


LOL~~ Yah, quick thinking, though he TOTALLY knows. It's all good though. Alan doesn't seem like the type to tell everyone....especially his sister, so you guys still have ThAT fun...and then comes Brian....yeah!!!!
I love the photo of him- he is growing up SO fast...

deB perry

Oooh ...you are one sly momma...I think ole AL took after you...hee!


oh my gosh!!! love your quick thinking... you are too cute for words.. you and your boy!

Loretta John

Haha! Smart kid! Maybe he got it from from you. Anyway, here's a big round of applause for your effort to figure out that he lost a tooth. Haha! If you didn't know, the the tooth fairy wouldn't be able to come, right? :D

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