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March 15, 2007


Kelley Popp

Okay I can so see myself doing something exactly like this! Thanks for keeping it real Sharyn. Kev and I we have been so busy doing stuff between home and the store we drove Max to school when we thought he missed the bus this week only to find out there was no school. See when to much is going on-our brains they take leave...


that's a hoot.
sounds totally like something i'd say.

tina anderson

HA HA Ha, ha. You paint a great picture. His reaction is the best. Thanks for the chuckle....

Karen Greenfield

Gee, he left?? And didn't even leave you some free-sobering-up ice cream??? He's either not married or doesn't have kids---if he was one or the other what you said would've made perfect sense! P.S. your photos of Mark are awfully cute--wish I lived closer so I could and play.



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