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July 30, 2007



Oh my gosh, I am soooo gonna make these!!! Silly question, though - the meat has already been browned, obviously, but are the potatoes raw?

Jan Connair

Thanks Sharon. I have a great pot pie crust recipe that I would use, but mine is buttery, and yours doesn't look yellow enough to be buttery. What's the deal on that? You allowed to tell if your recipe uses butter or lard? I wouldn't want your brother to get the puppy dog eyes at you again.

So, you want the recipe for French Apple Pie, or not? I'll tell you all the ingredients, proomise.



Linda J

Love this post! We make ours about the same - except we haven't shredded the carrot --- next time we will:) Also, we like lots of rutabaga. Now the crust ... I understand family secrets ... but oh would I love to know that one! Oh course puppy dog eyes always win:) Thanks for taking the time to share this Sharyn.

Dana Miron (danahollis)

I can't wait to make some of these up.

Thanks for sharing! :)


mmmmm - they sure do look good. almost makes me want to make some again. almost.


I might just have to break down and try this.


Oh yum...they look and sound so good! It did look like 'Zona!
$99 round trip...seriously? That's a DEAL!

Kim Kesti

Definitely that was Arizona. Your pasty recipe looks exactly like mine -yum! Shredded carrots and cubed potatoes are the only way to go. 'Cept can you believe that Keith eats his with SALSA? Yuck. Ketchup, please. Thank you.

Laura K.

Looks great! Is your meat browned? or does it just look like it. I sealed pasties (100's a day) at the local pasty shop for a few years. Standing near the ovens, and just pulling them toward me and sealing them. Over and over. Someone else plunked the filling on the circles. (we had a machine that made perfect circles from our dough balls) My pointer and my middle fingers on my left hand now ache from time to time. Arthritis from repetitive motion!


mmmmmmm....I'm feeling kinda hungry now!

Junkyard Jen

I'm chuckling over your states - and liking the sound of that. :) Truthfully, it makes me feel so much better because mine look the same. ;) And yum! Now my mouth is watering. I haven't made pasties in a long time. I'm pretty impressed that your younger brother makes them. Wow!

And sometimes secret family recipes are fun...to keep. ;)

Jan Connair

Hey, and is that lamb? Pork? Looks too light to be Gr. Bf. What if I make them, using the "wing and a prayer" method, and tell people they are "Just like the Finnish people and Michiganders make," but really they taste nothing like the real thing? What if they're awful and tasteless and everyone I know decides never to visit Finland or Michigan because of it? Won't your little brother feel awfully guilty about giving pasties a bad rep? Just sayin'.


Ha!! I'm like "baby brother". (Didn't know he did the puppy dog eyes thing tho). One reason I'm glad I live so far away is that EVERYONE believes my chocolate chip cookies are the BEST EVER and that I could make money off of them. I tell them that I cannot share the recipe -- secret family recipe and all. hehe. Even though I'm fairly certain you'd share it with whomever would ask!

Stephanie Homburg


Karl has informed me that eating them with pickles keeps people from getting gas.


Ok....I'm gonna have to try this one! I'll dig out the Better Homes and Gardens cookbook for the dough! Now can you post the puppy dog eyes please?? Lol!


gordon ramsay, eat your heart out. i love you, torm!!! this is fab.


Nothing says UP like a pasty to me. :) You know, they sell them at the grocery store, but I won't even touch em. Of course, I also do not make my own. I either (1) beg my mom to bring me some from the Pasty Corner on her way down or (2) buy a bazillion of them when I go home - all frozen of course. We don't do carrots though - just meat, potatoes, and rutabega. :) My city slicker hubby even loves 'em. ;) He's a Grand Rapidian. LOL!

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