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August 02, 2007



Frame it...put on a narrow wall. Being it is so long, could you separate it into, say, 3 or 4 frames? It would be the most talked about piece in your house.


What a fascinating story! How neat it would be to find her family.


I am with Sue frame it. The nursery rhyme embroidery pieces are beautiful.

sharyn (torm)

the nursery rhymes I'll put together for a quilt

but the printed piece is printed on both sides, so not framable. tricky dat


oh please type the whole thing. How can anyone leave a four year old behind?


Both sides hmmm. Maybe you could some how finish it off and hang it on the wall. Something similar to how you hang a quilt sampler but where you can view both sides. I'm just trying to think of ways to display it. It is too beautiful to be tucked away somewhere and forgotten.


I can't wait to see the finished quilt.
fascinating story. Maybe you can get some of that photo fabric and transfer it?

Amy B.

oh those nursury rhymes are precious. I'll bet they were done by a little girl who was learning to embroider. that's exactly the sort of thing my mother was given to embroider when she was small. She made her first embroidered quilt by the time she was five. Isn't it more fun to think of it as the project of a little girl? ;)

Jan Connair

I would finish the quilt and take a photo of it, then frame the muslin with the photo at the top of the frame. 5 1/2 feet long plus frame will make an awfully tall masterpiece, but perhaps it will turn out just right to put in a narrow space next to a doorway? Even if it's horribly expensive to frame, it would be worth it!

Anna Beth

Wow! What an intersting story. So amazing that it was there. . .


What a fabulous find! I'd really love to read the whole story.


interesting story (I'd love to read more) and the squares are too cute


I'm pretty sure I was with you when you picked that up from the Antique Mall.. or maybe I saw it just after or something..

The quilt will be adorable... though keep it away from my kids, I have visions of them thinking that Wendy has the coolest coloring book at her house... :)

Junkyard Jen

Oh wow. This is the stuff that makes my heart skip a beat. How cool of a find is that?! What a treasure!

After you mentioned that it was double-sided, I immediately thought of framing it in a double glass frame (2-sided). - So you can see both sides. But I'm wondering - are there breaks in it where you could cut it into several pieces and it would still flow and look nice? If so, you could frame it in several double-glass frames and hang from the ceiling, much the same way one would hang a vintage window - sort of as a bit of a room divider or such... That seems like the most practical solution as far as having kids because it would hang just out of their reach. Kwim?

Another option could be to frame it in one piece(again in a double-glass frame where you can see both sides) and turn it into a screen/room divider. You could use old shutters for the other sections or vintage doors. And with the whole kid's-factor here - you could use it in your bedroom (providing there was enough room)...

Wow! What a find! And I *love* hand embroidered pieces. Those ones are absolutely adorable! They would make a really cute quilt - and it'd look nice hanging near the framed muslin.

Good luck! Can't wait to hear what you decide to do with them. And I'd LOVE to hear more!

carol :)

That gave me chills. Of course I'd love to hear the whole thing!

Junkyard Jen

Oops! Didn't realize I just wrote a book there. When it comes to vintage stuff, I can't help myself. ;)

Jen H.

Wow, I might just have to refrain from wearing socks to bed if you would print the whole story!!!!!!!


Oh my goodness... what a treasure!


That is an awesome story. Maybe post a little everyday so then you only have to type one paragraph/day then cut/pasting it would be easy for anyone who wanted it all at once.


oh. my. see there's a difference in china which is manufactured and embroidery and biography. Those are keepers. It's so interesting that you (of the simple life) have decided to be the keeper of this unknown person's creations.

Jen H.

my grandma was adopted when she was two, because her mother died and her father couldn't keep all six children. He gave the youngest two away. He remarried and had six more children, but never came back for the ones that he gave away...how emotionally devastating for a little child


wow. so cool.

mandy - pearl maple

oh my what a find, unearthed treasures from the past, thank you for sharing


These are the stories I love to hear. What history! Please share more with us.

David Reckinger

Thank you so much for posting this, you must truly be a wonderful person. I found it through a search, helping a descendant of the Ternes family. She and I were amazed at the family information concerning this quilt and that her mother knew who had written it. Thank you so much for posting this information, it's like our ancestors are still communicating even though they have passed, God Bless You!
David F. Reckinger

Mary Kay Ternes Godowski

THANK YOU!!! I'm the daughter of Donald J Ternes, grand daughter of William P Ternes. My brother Paul has forwarded this story to me. What a treasure! It does fill in so many blanks in the story written by my Aunt Evelyn Ternes Monahan about her mother Elsie. If you take any more pictures of the quilt please forward.
God bless you!
Kay Godowski

Molly Tobias

Thank you for posting this information! I am a great-grand-daughter of William P. Ternes. William A. Ternes and Madlyn Maiullo are my grandparents. My daughter is doing a family heritage project for school and I have very little information about my grandfather, so I googled his name to see what would come up. I had no idea what a big family he came from!

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