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December 24, 2007



Merry Christmas!
We sometimes wrap stocking stuffers but it is time consuming isn't it?
I'm sorry to hear about your grandpa.


So sorry about your Grandpa. I lost my mother on Christmas Eve day 4 years ago. It just kind of makes it doubly hard when someone passes away during the holidays. Love and prayers to your family.


I'm having the wrapped stocking stuffer dilemma myself... I love unwrapping my own stocking stuffers. But I'm getting a bit tired of Bob's complaining over having to wrap them in the first place. And I'm starting to think that I'd have way more fun with the wrapping part of Christmas if it were only focused on the under-the-tree gifts. ... I think I might be talking myself out of wrapping stocking stuffers! :D

I feel awfully terrible about not having your gift up there in time for Christmas. That won't prevent my name from being exchanged this year, will it?? Who's doing the name hatting if everyone is in different places?


Condolences on your dear grandfather. Merry Christmas to the Torm household!


I am so sorry to hear about your grandpa. I wish you and your family a Merry Christmas.


Jan Connair

So sorry to hear about your grandfather. My FIL's 2d wife, who we had come to love dearly, passed away suddenly 2 Sundays ago, and it just makes the loss hit that much harder when you are faced with the holidays as well.

We used to wrap all of our stocking stuffers because we were afraid the kids would get up early and scope the whole stocking out before we were even awake. But after years of grousing about all the extra wrapping, we just decided to stop. They got up early and they did peek a bit at the stuff on top, but it didn't really spoil the surprise. So I'm here to tell you to just stop!

Merry Christmas.

Linda J

Sincere condolences sent Sharyn. So sorry hear hear of your loss. I hope that
the memories you hold dear of your grandfather will help to bring you comfort.


Sorry to hear about your grandfather. He is in a better place for Christmas. :)

In the picture above, Allan looks JUSt like one of Sherry and Wayne's boys. The one that serves lunch at school and collected at the Calument S.S. program yesterday. Confo age. The kids thought that's who it was. "Hey, he serves me lunch!"


I am sorry about the loss of your Grandfather. I hope things work out for you to go North to be with your family.
Merry Christmas to all of you, I hope that you have a wonderful holiday.
Okay, wrapped stocking stuffers???? Really, I am 35 years old and I've never even heard of such a thing. That would be WAY to much work in my book.
And what's the Santa Tracker? Do you have a link?
Okay, off to bake. Have a verry merry Christmas Sharyn.
(Back off to lurkerdom for another 6 months....)


(((HUGS))) my friend.
and wishes for a Merry Christmas.


I will come out of lurking Sharon. We have never wrapped stocking stuffers. Our kids are allowed to get up as early as they want and dig in their stockings. But they aren't allowed to wake the rest of us up until 7am. After they manage to get the older ones to come down we open presents. It is a magical time of year!


I will come out of lurking Sharon. We have never wrapped stocking stuffers. Our kids are allowed to get up as early as they want and dig in their stockings. But they aren't allowed to wake the rest of us up until 7am. After they manage to get the older ones to come down we open presents. It is a magical time of year!

Dana Miron

Sorry to hear about your Gramps. :(

Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and make lots of new, fun memories to scrapbook! ;)



So sorry to hear about your grandfather. It's never a good time but a death at the holidays always seems worse. The photo of your family is a treasure though. And family ties never end in our hearts.

Best wishes to you and yours, from one busy house to another.


Callie Ann

OH Sharyn, Sorry to hear about your Gramps. I hope he is at peace. Just be careful if you guys go up there. Seems lately the roads are horrible. Please don't risk your own necks. Sorry just the worrier in me.

I loved the pic. You and your husband have made a fine looking crew of kids. Happy Times.
Christmas cookie smells from our house to yours.

Jen Higgins

You wrap stocking stuffers? I always just stick them in the stocking. Tell your kids Santa is conserving paper to be more enviormentally freindly and won't be wrapping stocking stuffers starting next year. You could include a note in the stockings. LOL!


I hear you on the stocking stuffers.....a "tradition" I married into :P I don't love that ;)
I am so sorry about your grandfather. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.
God bless you and Merry Christmas Sharyn!


Sorry to hear about your grandfather Sharyn.
Nope, we don't wrap stocking stuffers. Glad to hear Wendy isn't sick.
Have a wonderful Christmas.


I also hate to but do it-wrap at least some of the stocking stuffers.
Sorry to hear about your Gramps. Have a wonderful, illness free holiday, and hopefully we can get together soon.


Sorry about your grandfather.

And wrapping stocking stuffers?!


Thank you for your post! We are officially DONE wrapping stocking stuffers!!! (As in, we won't be doing it anymore, starting this year) It's kinda nice! :D


Sorry to hear about your grandfather. We definitely DO NOT wrap stocking stuffers...how would you wrap salted peanuts anyways? :)

Kelley Popp

Sharyn I am so sorry to hear of your Grandpa's passing. Hugs to you and yours!

~ Junkyard Jennifer

Thoughts sent out to you guys regarding your Grandpa...

That's a great picture. I was having the opposite dilemma over here. I've never wrapped stocking stuffers, but have always wanted to. I skipped again this year. Maybe if I'm more on the ball next year I will! It just sounds like so much fun for the kids to open all the little things. Our kids are allowed to dig into their stockings before we get up. But they have to wait for us before opening the gifts under the tree.


Sorry about your grandpa, Sharyn.

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