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January 05, 2008


~ Junkyard Jennifer

Cute! I love that pink print!

Torm's Mom

Good job Sharyn - that's delightful!

Torm's Mom

Good job Sharyn - that's delightful!

Kim Kesti

How adorable! Now, I say, what were you thinking cutting up a maternity jumper? That's like practically announcing "I'm preggo" - now you've done it!
(Thanks for the comment on my photo - I'm definitely looking READY).


I love that pink fabric!! Very cute bag, althought I'd have to agree, it is a bit large for Wendy! :)


I love, love, love pink with denim. Very Pretty Sharyn.


Love it!


wow, it's adorable!
I think Wendy should share. With me ;)

Erica Hettwer

Nicely done! I've always wanted to make a cute little bag too. I've even got my mom's old sewing maching, quite a bit of fabric for a non-sewer and a cute pattern. What I don't have is an adorable little girl to use it!! LOL!


You are one clever woman. I love your pink-green-denim combination and you're right...it looks very much like Wendy.

Amy @ Hope Is the Word

This is adorable! Want to come south and help me make curtains? : )

Love how you used what you had on hand, too. Beautiful!


I love it! And not too big at all! She will so appreciate the room when packing for sleepovers and pool parties.


soooooooooooooo cute! but i'm screaming at my monitor over here that you cut up that pillowcase! it's dreamy. but you used it in such an adorable way that i think i'll let it slide this time!

you've convinced me that i need to give it a try. i LOVE how you used the sash as handles and took a shortcut on finishing with a topstitch on the top of the bag by using the hem of the dress-----YOU.are.BRILLIANT!!!!!


You did a great job. That turned out too cute. You tied the colors together great.




Darling! I was thinking of knitting Maija a little purse or bag but sewing one up would be so cute and much quicker! Thanks for the idea.


LOVE the bag!!
I so wish I could sew!

Petra Carden

Okay WOW! This is awesome! (I want one). :)


I like the color combos....most anything looks nice with denim! Aren't bags fun to make?

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