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January 26, 2008


Kelley Popp

hmmm, what a great way to use those SDU apron handles. LOL. Love your bags.

sharyn (torm)

hahah! Bingo! I plan to use the pockets too!!

Tina Hyrkas

I have been visiting your blog more and more lately and I love it:) Have I ever recommended this book to you (one of my favorites). it's called "Refuse to Chose" by Barbara Sher. I believe it was published in 2006 and it's similar to some of her older books. Anyway, if you've never heard of it, it's about.....hmmm...maybe I'll just let you check it out. Hoping your curiousity will you lead you to the local library. or the local (hee hee). A question for you did you decide to start this blog, who is your main audience, and do you have any goals for it or is just completely for fun? Is it an avenue for your creativity and nothing else? I'm curious because I have been considering starting a blog, but I'm not convinced yet that it would be worth my while....this could turn into a longer story than it already has...e-mail me back?

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