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January 08, 2008



Oh you still have to keep some coffee in you, those that don't have had a tendency to get alzhiemers. whatever the spelling is, I'm too tired to think this morning.


It's good that you are doing it together :)
When I was pregnant with my 1st, I wasn't a coffee drinker so it was good.
My 2nd, I was and had horrible headaches....for a while.
My 3rd, I stopped drinking coffee the day I found out I was pregnant, started drinking orange juice and had no headaches at all. Drank a big glass of OJ each morning.
Not sure it has any corrolation :)
Good luck!

Jan Connair

If it's caffeine you are trying to avoid, well, green tea has caffeine in it. Is that what you meant about the lack of coffee headaches?

sharyn (torm)

aw, come on jan..play with me. I'm try to justify chocolate. lol

Laura K.

There is caffeine in green tea, but it's 45mg/8oz. as compared to coffee at 100mg/8oz. Rog and I have been drinking a lot of green tea. he still drinks coffee too and used to make faces at my tea until he tried it! Although i like the green tea w/lemon etc. the flavors and not just the plain.
i just read a study how pregnant women shouldn't drink 2 or more cups a day, because when you're getting so many antioxidants, it can actually limit your folate absorbtion. so i've cut back.

Alana M

Funny me too. I didn't start drinking coffee until after college, when I was 25.

Jan Connair

Chocolate needs no justification. But if it will help, go read my blog from yesterday (I think). Recipe given for Hot Fudge Pudding-Cake.

Tracey P.

I think I am one of the last people on the planet who never has and never will drink coffee! It's a taste never acquired by me. And yes, I always feel self conscious in this world of Starbucks lovers. : ) Good luck and I think it's great that you're trying something new and better for you.

Tracey P.


I'm with Tracey; I dislike coffee. However, I do drink it when it's well-disguised, mostly because I feel silly ordering a mocha with NO shots. ;-) Instead, I get a grande or venti with only 1 shot, so I taste as little coffee as possible. I don't know how you drink it black!

Petra Carden

I don't like coffee and never have. But I used to be a coca-cola drinker - and had to have my caffeine. I haven't had any soda for over 3 years now, and I drink a yummy hot cup of green tea every morning... water the rest of the day. Green tea totally rocks... even helps with blood sugar levels (my issue). I read somewhere (Oprah.com?) that if you do nothing but switch from coffee to green tea, you will lose ten pounds in six weeks. Not that you need to lose ten pounds!!! I just thought that was really interesting.... and the topic of coffee vs. green tea reminded me of it. :)

~ Junkyard Jennifer

I love my coffee, but I drink way too much. Now, Petra's comment has me all intrigued...I'm going to google that.

What kind (brand) of Green Tea do you drink? How? I know nothing about tea but Rebecca T. talked about it on her blog before too. I'd love to try this stuff that's supposed to be so good. ;) I had tea once when I was younger, and I didn't like it one bit. But I'd love to try it now!

~ Junkyard Jennifer

I have a little more than *ahem* ten pounds to lose, ;) but this definitely has my interest piqued! Here's the link I found when I googled it...



HOpe you read the comments from past days....I only drink green tea have for years this is the best site! Have ordered for years from them.
The health benifits from green tea are endless! They have a page on their site that explains what they are.

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