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January 22, 2008


Kim Kesti

Wait a minute...your wedding ring is not on your ring finger...YOU'RE PREGNANT!!!!!!! Come one, tell me I'm right!???? (you'd better e-mail me).

sharyn (torm)'re not sleeping right now are you? Count those fingers again


It says torm on the bottom.
You've got no fingers on your gloves.
Ummm......I like Kim's answer better ;)


did you learn to knit? ;)


You've lost weight -- you can fit your engagement ring on your middle finger!

Amanda H.

You're being a gangsta?! And there's a monster in the "torm" ??

Jan Connair

You only have 9 fingers?


Hmm--you've decided to watermark your photos?


You got a manicure?


Practicing making butterfly shadow puppets? ;)


ummm... you're wearing the black vest?

Steph H

I'm going with engagement ring on the middle finger because you're all skinny now :)


First thing I noticed was the rockin' watermark! Love it!


You are pregnant??


OMG! You learned how to use brushes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Oh, and I gotta veddy, veddy careful....................digi scrapping is the next step. :D :D :D

Stefanie Hamilton

What Steph said. You're crossing to the dark side. :-p

Callie Ann

All I can guess is the watermark and that you might be trying to dress like a rapper! Hmm other than that I am in the stupid line.

~ Junkyard jennifer

I'm late on this one, but dang, I'm good! ;) I would've guessed the watermark, and I would've said you got some rockin' new gloves. {They're so cute!}

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