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January 23, 2008



woweeeeeeeee! i LOVE the photoshopped version. the burnt edges and deep brown color to the background. beautiful! now hurry up and learn it all so you can teach me, k?


what a transformation! Learn it all. I need help too.
I notied your watermark right away. Very cute. Very you.


I used to poo-poo it too. I wanted to learn to *take* that fabulous photo, not how to make a photo fabulous. And I still do - want to take that fabulous shot, that is.

But it does make a good backup, especially for someone who does not seem to be able to take a shot where the horizon is perfectly straight. Not me, of course, but "a friend". ;-) And it is a blast to play around with - as will be evidenced by this evening's blog post ..

I love the photoshopped version, btw.

Kelley Popp

The photoshopped version is wonderful-time well spent! I so want to master Photoshop as well-but get so confused and lost while trying to do so...I have one of Kelby's books for Elements and it is invaluable.

Jan C

Another really useful tool is "remove color cast." I think it's under Enhance>Adjust color>remove color cast (somewhere in that vicinity, anyway). You can use the eyedropper tool to click on something in the photo that should be white, and the entire picture will brighten up. It works wonders on older photos that have taken on a yellowish cast. You can combine it with the magnetic lasso tool to outline someone's teeth (I do this on photos of my mom sometimes) and remove the color cast just from the teeth so that they look whiter but still natural. It's pretty cool!


Pretty cool Sharyn! I'm totally lost in that program! Steph is such a cutie!


Pioneer Woman swears by the Kelby book...


How could you not take a beautiful pic of such a beautiful gitl. Love her. G'ma

melissa diekema

hey - cool logo - love it!!!
yep - PSCS is awesome.... email if you want to know some of my favorite actions!

you did a great job with this shot!

Auntie Barb

A loveable neice, indeed. Nice work, Sharyn.


You better be careful posting such a picture - you'll have way more requests for pictures than you'll have time for! It looks great!

Steph H

I have Scott Kelby's CS2 book and I think the binding is going to fall apart soon. We use it ALL the time. Very helpful and very easy to understand.

Amanda H

Very cute picture of Stephanie. She is one of my kitchen girls!

~ Junkyard jennifer

Love the Photoshop version! Stephanie's such a cutie! :)

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