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March 10, 2008


Missy K

Frequent lurker but lazy commenter-- HAD to stop this morning and say these shots are amazing-- favorite might be the bottom of the blue door with the peeling doorstep. Love the vivid texture of these.

And the time change is putting the hurt on me in SC too.

Jan C.

Your sentence problem is a dangling participle, I think. The Pioneer Woman was not the one who demonstrated your photos. Better, perhaps, to say, "On these photos, I used the hard light technique that the Pioneer Woman so nicely demonstrated."

Aren't you just thrilled to have a grammar lesson at 7:40 a.m. on Monday morning? Perhaps as thrilled as I am to be heading to the dentist in 5 min. to get a crown installed! But I knew you'd spend every minute of your Monday fretting about what might be wrong with that sentence, lol.


Love your photos, I think my favorite is the one shot down the alley. What lens were you using for these? I really need to practice more in manual... Oh and the time change is just not nice.

Sharyn (Torm)

Jan - THAT'S what it was. I changed that sentence 4x, and just couldn't make heads or tails of it anymore.

Cammy - great question - had I been awake I think I might have remembered to include that. The lens I used was my 17-50 1:2.8 It's got such a nice range and is a great wide angle. It's actually the only lens I used at the wedding Saturday too.


woweee! LOVE all the textures and angles and colors in these photos Torm!


Ohhh- these are cool! I love the arch and the red circle thing... I didn't even see that there.. but it looks so bright and happy.

Amy @ Hope Is the Word

I love the one in the alley with the stair on the right side and the red buildings in the middle!!!!!!!!! Now I want to go wander around a nearby old town with my camera!

Jan C.

Pays to be virtual friends with a former editorial person. "Pays" being a relative term. bwahaha!


Love the photos!! Nice compositions, like the colors. I am inspired to go out and take some pics.

Kelley Popp

awesome phots Sharyn!


Absolutely GORGEOUS pics Sharyn! Loving the color and feel - almost as if I was there too! ;)

I am taking a class beginning tomorrow with Monte Nagler who studied with Ansel Adams - let's hope that this finally pushes me out of my fear zone for going all manual! ;) I think I can, I think I can, I think I can, LOL!


These are incredible! I love the idea of going with another photography nut (note to self: find a fellow nut). The blue door is really appealing.

sue Treiber

these are cool! They are all so full of textures and interestingness!


Love every last one of them! Next to food, architecture would be next. Thank you for an EYE full. Photo Field Trips are a must; practice makes perfect.


dang torm!! nice job on these. :)


Leave it to Jan to smack you down on your grammar! LOLOL!


Oh, and GREAT photos! Love them!


or you could end the sentence with "on these photos"

LOVELY photos - all of them ! loving the colors. and that first photo reminded me of Europe ..

deB perry

Dang Girl you are ROCKIN the camera!!! love what you've posted. you could do some fab senior shots in that colorful alley


Marvelous pictures, Sharyn!!!!!

~ Junkyard Jennifer

These are really great shots. The alley is my favorite, because of all the color. How fun to get out there together to take pictures! Way more fun, I'm sure.

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