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April 28, 2008



I really enjoy your blog and am so happy that you are now able to work towards finding "normal" in your daily routine. Looking forward to seeing your work in Debbie's class.


why does your six million dollar home link take me to a man bag?


There was lots of reading for me to do here after being gone for 10 days.


Love your hampers you want!!!!!!!!!!!! Hee hee Love your grandma! But I thought the same thing. I was looking forward to see what kind of house you dream of living in!


Love the baskets. Please post the instructions when you learn how to make them =0]

Sharyn (Torm)

I think the 6 million dollar home link works better now...and Amanda, I was missing you - glad you're all caught up now. :)


oooooooh, those hamper baskets are lovely! congrats on the guest spot for debbie's class!

mary bright

Those baskets are lovely. You have made me wish I lived in MI many times, and now again. I'd love to hear Stacey speak.
Oh, and I would love to take the class!


Those baskets are to die for. Okay, so I've heard about these markers. What's so special about them (or maybe I don't want to know).

Tina Rhodes

I want to move to Michigan and be your neighbor!!! Oh well, I guess Nothern Indiana is pretty close! I love your blog! I have read it forever but rarely post comments. Just wanted to thank you for the laughs and the great products you talk about! You're one in a million!


I'm still hoping to see your six million dollar house - but the bags keep coming up. And yes - I've refreshed.


hii..i have just bumped into the world of scrapbooking & i really love your blog !!...i find it extremely funny and even your layouts are really cool too!! i plan to start organising my photos & scrapbooking soon..wish me luck...i new at it so i'm a little nervous but cant wait to start :))Cya !!

Dale Anne

It is so GREAT to see you & your family getting back to normal and Brian slowly getting ready to try walking again.

Keitha Redmond

Oh how fun it would be to take Debbie's class again, but this time with different designers providing inspiration! One can never have too many events scrapped.

Keitha Redmond

Oh how fun it would be to take Debbie's class again, but this time with different designers providing inspiration! One can never have too many events scrapped.

Andi M

I absolutely adore your blog. You are so funny and real. So good to see things are getting back to normal for you and your family. I'm a big fan of Debbie's classes and would love to take another one!


Glad things are heading in the right direction.....though I think laundry is a never ending pile....you take off, they add!


That charm is stunning! I'd never heard of Copic pens before...holy pricey torm-girl! And I checked out Debbie's class before I posted and now I'm going to have to sign up: it will be my first ever on-line class :D

sue Treiber

I am so jealous that you get to go see Stacy. I wish i had been on the ball for that!

Mary Rogers

sounds like things are getting back to normal...nothing like a cast removal to do that for you.

Happy Monday!

Erica Hettwer

Where did you get those paint markers/brushes/whatever they ares??? I'm sure he's too young for them but, I really have to get some for my 18 month old little man. :D

PS-I'm from Oregon and I have "tingers" (finger length toes) too! It must be something in the water! :D


Ooooh! A give-away from my favourite blogger!
Glad to hear that things are returning to normal at the Torm's!


Glad things are getting back to normal for you and the family. Enjoy your Monday!

Donna Moore

Ooooohhh Debbie Hodge and Torm together again. Gotta love that!


Sharyn, You've got great taste, I LOVE the baskets (too pretty to put dirty laundry in though), the camera bag (on my wish list too) and the tulip charms and markers. Thanks for all of the enabling:) Thanks to you and Heidi(Swapp), I am now a Monday loving girl too!


Speaking of your dryer, I'd love to see a photo of your finished laundry room, even though you said we would be disappointed with your color choice:) (You know if you posted it in black and white and just hinted at the beautiful color, we never be the wiser:)

Steph H

oooh now thats a giveaway I would loooooove!

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