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May 15, 2008


sue Treiber

you should add up all the visits to the doctor/procedures on your family this year.
My guess is you'd be near 40?


well i'm glad to hear it is a fluid issue that can be solved. best of luck my friend!


just in time for the yard to be full of all the neighborhood kids. lovely. that means you need to relish this next month of not being able to hear all that well. heh. thankful that it is an easily corrected issue.....and you don't have to go and learn sign language anytime soon. that's a positive thing.


Glad it's a correctable thing Sharyn!

Tonja Trump

Well I never knew there were tubes for adults...Thanks for that education Sharyn! Good luck with the installation...and lol @ Pa Torm!

Jan C.

Wow, a relatively easy solution! Must feel like a miracle when you go in expecting to hear the worst, only to find out that your hearing problem can be helped. Hope the procedure goes easily!


hey! I had a t-tube! But not for my ears. Yeah, those buggers don't fall out!

I'm so glad for you that the solution is an easy one!


I had to giggle about the lady giving a hearing test with laryngitis. How ironic.


Rodney had t-tubes about 6-7 years ago because his tubes only stayed in for 4 months at a time. The t-tubes only lasted 6 months...the doctor said some ear drums heal faster and therefore push the tube out...hopefully you have better luck than he did. So glad you will be hearing again soon!

pc smart

this is GOOD news - right? no permanent damage, a simple fix... i think the laryngitis thing was a hoot though

~ Junkyard Jennifer

I'm glad to hear it's something they can fix fairly easily. Good luck when you get it done. {Getting my right ear checked has been on my list for years, I keep putting it off, but I've suspected it's fluid related, too. Can't hear worth a darn in that one ear.}

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