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September 24, 2008



The only nice thing is that you don't actually have to have the card with you, you can just put your phone number in their credit card scanner. I do agree with you though about the cards.

Jan Connair (Magpie)

I hate the card programs, also. Because I know that they can track what the Connair family purchases from yesterday all the way back to the day I signed up for the card. That really makes me feel like Big Brother is watching.

But Meijer is 15 min. away for me, while there are 3 Krogers within a very small radius of my house. Sigh. So I have my Kroger card and use it. But every time I hand it over, I feel a little spurt of annoyance!

Auntie Barb

You missed your calling, Sharyn. You WROTE to Kroger and the paper??? Good job. You should have been a debater, after all. I get all worked up when I've gone to buy a pair of shoes (with cash) and they have to have my phone #.
C'MON!! And I'm too intimidated to argue, (not the clerk's fault). Glad someone took the time to call the big guys.


The way I see it is that if they want to know when or how often I buy "whatever"...and in return I can get if for free or next to nothing w/their card...big deal!


And another thing...if you don't have the Kroger card but have a SpeedyRewards card from Speedway, it works too, though I only use it on the u-scan checkouts! But I suppose if anyone that doesn't care for card programs probably doesn't have a gas reward car either.


LOL - yep, no gas rewards cards either. That was part of my argument too - if everyone goes to cards, for the love of pete - I'll have to start carrying a purse or something - and UGH - I've never been a real pursey person.


So the thought comes to me- could you just sign up for the card and put bogus info on the application or whatever? or how about if everyone swaps cards at a shower or something- just so it would screw up their marketing info that they are after? Just to mess with them a bit.
At least they are not making any money off of you...: )


At the local grocer here, if you say "I don't have it with me", they scan one of their own and you get the better price without the bother.

sue Treiber

How did all that cost you $1.85? You must be a sorceress.
I don't mind the plastic cards, but I really hate when I pop into the store for a few things, and I didn't drive. The keys are with the people in the car. Now I'm not getting things at a good price.


$1.85????????? i bow down. you are the Queen! now tell me all your secrets...hahahahaaaaa.


I have those plastic things for three different stores. I hate them too. They should give the sale price to everyone without you having to bring the stupid card...or make coupons or something....
but in all my time of having those cards, I've never gotten one thing free, much less the haul you got free!!! thats awesome. I get the sale price, but never free :(
Im reward card challenged



See - the way I figure it, I don't stand up for much, but I'm going to put my foot down when things make no practical sense at all.

If you forgot your card - they'll give you the deal
If you pretend you forgot your card - they'll scan their own


It makes absolutely no sense at all - I can see no viable reason they exist, nor could the person at Kroger's convince me there was one.

And yes - you could put bogus information - but you're still left having to have a card.

toopid, as my 3 year old would say. LOL


oh oh oh! AND!
I don't have a real good head for comparing prices and knowing what the best deal is - which is why I enjoy the coupon lists telling me when's the good deal.


Once I began at Krog's, I decided to do a mental check of everything else on my list to see how they compared to Meijers.

nearly everything was 10-50 cents higher at Kroger's. Mind you, my list wasn't real long last evening, but I thought it was an interesting study.


I always tell them I forgot my card too. I think when IGA first started their card program they would give specific coupons if you had bought a bunch of something in a short time...like formula, juice, coffee. Now we get money off on gas at Holiday, except their gas makes my engine light come on. And whenever I have to give out my phone number for something useless I always put the time ladie's number. Which is why there maybe is no time lady anymore. :( My clocks are no longer right ever.


argh. I had that same battle at Safeway. Or else it was another store, I can't remember clearly. I stopped shopping there.

What seems rather odd is that I have cards for Petsmart and Petco and don't mind them at all. Clearly, I am inconsistent.


My "Kroger" which is called Smith's here, sends me coupons for free stuff once I've earned enough points. Before that, I never actually gave them my name and address. I just took the card they gave me and never turned in the info. All the grocery stores in my town have the card, except one, and they simply don't have good deals.


Hans has a real beef with those cards too. And he doesn't easily get worked up. He always picks Loui's over IGA for that reason. The whole thing really is pointless.


LOL! I did that once. Call Huggies. When we were first married, and could hardly afford diapers. The box was defected, because everytime I went to use one, the tabs ripped off! They sent me a case for free!!! :) LOL. Now, I don't think I have the guts to do that. You GO!

carol :)

I'm with you! I *DESPISE* having to have a card to get the lowest price on something. The other thing I can't stand is paying for the "privilege" of shopping in their store. Costco anyone?

Jen H.

I boycotted Shopko when they went to cards...Marne, my clocks are never right either! Thanks! LOL


The cards are used to promote customer loyalty. All of our stores have them. After so many $$ you spend, you get fuel discounts, Starbucks coupons, etc. If you don't have your card with you, you just have to use your phone #.


I am amazed at your $1.85. Wow!! Is it because of the Grocery Game? Speaking of customer loyalty, when I went to Target today I didn't have to sign the thing after using my check card. Why? Because when you go there often enough, they recognize the card number. Time to cut back on my Target shopping.

Amanda K.

I don't like the cards either. If the sale is for everyone, then why does everyone have to get a card? When I got my Kroger card, I never filled it out. I just took the card and threw the info stuff away, still worked.
And I am super impressed and jealous of your deal!!

~ Junkyard Jennifer

You got an awesome deal!

I'm chiming in too, I was going to say what Jan said in the first comment about 'Big Brother' watching, that's what I think about all of those cards. I don't like that anyone's keeping track of my purchases. I also block out all of my purchases but for the ones that pertain, when I mail my receipt in for a rebate. I know it's not really a 'big' deal, but it sort of is, all that info. adds up and to me it's personal. But, mostly, as far as the cards go, it's an annoyance! I wholeheartedly agree with you.

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