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October 13, 2008



NICE Shar! You know ME. Paybacks...I have to run get Larissa's bday gift. But, when I get back...everyone check out my blog for pictures. Although, I don't have any of Sharyn's BUM!!! lol It was a fun weekend. TONS of laughs. I got into bed last nite, and started to get the giggles. LOL


LOL Suz - be careful - I only included the good shots here. I've got lots more butts.


Looks like you gals had a fun weekend. You found our thrift how was it?


The thrift store was an experience - I just happened to be in the perfect mood for it after our drive - so I enjoyed it. Normally tho, the lack of sizing on the racks would drive me bonkers. LOL

Lori A.

Your were in my neck of the woods this weekend!
Looks like you had a fun time.


WHAT an AWESOME weekend that was (my stomach is STILL sore from laughin so much)! We will have to do this again some year!


sounds like a fun weekend!


It sure was a good time with lots of good memories made - thanks for the photo journal!

Sara K

Oh, how FUN! And with gals who KNOW how to have a great time. Thanks for the pics!

Auntie Barb

Can't believe it's already just a memory. I Keep getting the giggles. Bill just rolls his eyes. And for those who don't know....Bowing...Molly went out for a break and told Susan to take her turn. As soon as she left, Suz rolled both balls directly down the gutter (as shown). As for the GPS problem. We picked the only good (nice neighborhood) bowling alley we could find from the yellow pages. The GPS took us round, round & round through parking lots, side streets, etc. When it finally said "You are at your destination" we were plunk in front of Tokyo Bowl (asian restaurant).


Susan should get rid of that thing! When they lived in Texas, she had to go to the Dr. and it took her to a field. Looks like a fun trip!!

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