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November 06, 2008



oh.my.gosh. that's just too much. i'm laughing so hard, i'm crying a river over here. totally awesome randomness.


that is hysterical!

~ Junkyard Jennifer

Hysterical! And, Brian's comment? Classic!!

He.did.not wear his hair like that. For real? He really did?


he really did - do you need more proof? I'm sure I have some. LOL
Your dads brother tried talking sense into him a few times - din't work, just made him more rebellious.

Linda J


Amy L

Wow, this is almost as good as the mu-mu post, or what ever that draping garment you had on way back when!!

sue Treiber

that totally made my day!

~ Junkyard Jennifer

Oh yes, we *definitely* must see more proof.


LOL. I can totally see what you saw in him! ;)
The things people do to look cool.


OMG!! Until I read it, I thought he was ALAN!! Toooooo funny!


This post made me laugh. Thanks for that. And I've always seen you when I look at pictures of Allan, but not anymore. He's like a mini-pa torm clone--with tamer hair of course.

Tina A.

no way...hard to believe, but if you insist that it's true, how did he get it to stay up there? It looks soft, not cemented with Aqua Net.




And I'm remembering now that he had it in his head that he could go to church like this and I put my foot down - so he might not have gotten to church with it, but he intended to. I'm thinking he was actually dressed for church in this picture, the nice sweater and all.


Oh man! Classic!!! I'm loving your hubster's hair. Wow. And your bag lady costumes?? I have no words. Except - nice legs! :)


I am just laughing like crazy--that hair and the bag ladies!!!


Are you sure he wasn't just wearing his hair like this for a Halloween party??? 'Cause he must have been buying a LOT of gel back then!

P.S. On another note, did you try emailing me something about the mattress comment the other day? I just received a blank email from you, so not sure if there was just something I couldn't open or not...


You forgot to mention that on the days he must have been short on time, he greased it back and threw on that red do-rag.


The hair is a hoot but the glasses jolted my memory. I had glasses that were up past my eyebrows too and it always made the lenses dirty

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