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February 15, 2009


Erica Hettwer

You should most definitely go! Maybe even take Allan. I went when I was 13 and I loved every second of it. The castles were amazing, the people were wonderful and it was just a great experience. My husband is German and I've got him convinced that we should take a trip there once our kids are older.

sue Treiber

you should get your passport ready!

Linda Bizjak

Oh Torm, so glad to hear that Pa is home safe and sound. The photos are magnificent and you should definitely go next time. Hope everyone is feeling better in your house now.


So glad Pa enjoyed his stay in Germany. I especially like his observations - I live not so far from Germany and my mother is german, so a lot of things there are 'normal' to me.
If he goes again (and you too, I hope!) he could try a 'Bäckerei' with 'Stehcafé' for breakfast. Not so expensive and very good bread/sandwiches/rolls. And tasty coffee.
Thanks for sharing Pa's pictures!


Get your passport ready! Looks gorgeous...Glad he made it home safe and sound!

Sherry Anderson

Love the pictures! That is so Greg, the first one. He definitely has the artist eye for taking pictures. I second that idea of getting your passport updated. One other thing, take me!

Laura K.

Glad he's home for you, and cool pics! Are the beds in the motel room, 2 seperate ,skinny beds? That's the way they were in Denmark and in Argentina when Roger was there. Get your passport so that we can all be armchair tourists when you get back! you would have a field day with all of the photo ops!

~ Junkyard Jennifer

Very cool pictures. I'd get my passport ready, if I were you!

Karen Davison

I told him to bring warm hat??? Wish he could have brought some sausage home for me!! I still yearn for the long, skinny ones wrapped in a buttery breading dipped in mustard! Glad people were friendly! Is that church the one in Bomberg? Looks familiar. Man, brought so many memories back looking at his pics...good ones of Petra and her fam. If he goes back, he should really let her play tourguide for a day, she's amazing, carted my butt around for months!! Didn't you bring me to the airport to go there??

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