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March 20, 2009


Laura K.

Neat how the pins are a trip down Memory Lane. And your kids haul a little Calumet pride to school. :) The necking pin made me laugh! 6th grade?! Did your mother know?! :)


*sigh* reason #5,873 why you are the coolest mom i know.

and i wish i had a little more of your nostaglic spirit......i'm more of the "if i'm not using it no reason to keep it, might as well chuck it" mindset. but, these type of posts make me wish is wasn't so much that way.

Jan Connair

I do not have any pins left. It's a crying shame. Almost bought one this year at a city-wide marching band competition. It said, "I see BAND people." Hope Wendy helps her class bring home the ice cream.


Those pins bring back memories of denim jackets with pins on them. Had forgotten about that fashion statement. LOL


Flute to trombone - that takes some doing :)
We graduated in the same year!


I remember worrying about Steve's life obligation....that he "probably shouldn't" smoke, being born on such an important day. But, to, my knowledge he doesn't! Must've had a subliminal effect.

sue Treiber

she's sure to win! That is quite a collection. I also used to collect big pins, although mosr of them are long gone. I do still have some MTV ones!

carol in seattle :)

Shhh! I still love pins and have a bunch. They're all in a little box under the sink in my bathroom. I let Carter wear one to first grade on Tuesday. It says "Pinch me and you're dead meat!" Poor guy didn't have a green shirt so the green button had to do. I *ADORE* your "Carol" button. Fitting, no?

Linda J

Great trip down memory lane. Great idea to have your pins on a scarf ready for the kids to use. Just this morning I was thinking that I would take out my charm bracelet and enjoy some of my old (very old - last chram added I was about 18) memories. I was thinking of about doing a scrapbook page about it.:)


Thanks for sharing. I like the idea of putting them on a scarf.


This was fun.. I used to have a bunch of smarty ones... I can't stand black jelly beans and it had a black jelly bean with the circle and the slash thru it.. They should come back in fashion so I could get a bunch of silly sayings again.. I think that my daughter ran off with my old collection. They are probably in a landfill some where now.. :(


I totally forgot about the button making! That was fun! I don't have mine, of course, but I remember making them now.

I hope her class wins. :)


i found my pins in a box a few months ago -i had an evil knievil (sp?) one from snake canyon and so many others. you are right, memory lane....what will our kids dig out when they want to remember their childhood collections?

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