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April 20, 2009



We did the timeshare in Williamsburg 2 years ago and Orlando this year.
We love timeshares, although we don't have parents do and are generous about sharing with the kids :)


We have a time share and just did our first trip I love it.


Ohhh..Oregon. I have always wanted to do that. Now when we have our camper I think in the next few years I'll convince him! This year was suppose to by Wyoming when Cheyenne Frontier Days was going. But I think maybe we'll try a few new places in our state! Maybe, just maybe, St. Johns I mentioned it and he didn't disagree! He acutally asked me later if we should try! It would be fun!

Amanda Susan

My parents own 2 weeks. One through RCI which is week based, and one through Hilton which is point based. It's great to use in Hawaii where hotels are really expensive. The nice thing about Hilton is you can convert them to hotel points so you don't have to stay in a condo.

As my mom says, if you're going to use it, it's a great deal but if you just let it sit there it's not. I've gone lots of amazing places.


Come to Orlando!!!!!
Seriously, we could get the kids together and by that time Paige will be over a year old so she could be ready to run after the boys. Really!!! Come to Orlando!!


the rents have timeshare and we have gone to a few places - i love the kitchen and washer/dryer feature!

Tami Mayberry

We were right down the street from a BlueGreen in Orlando. We stayed at Floridays Resort and it was awesome. They are timeshares too I believe. With a family of 7 it wasn't much more than getting 2 motel rooms and WAY nicer.

timeshares for sale

There are more pros of owning a timeshare than consequences. Owning a timeshare is a practical move too.


bedroom furniture

great man :D

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