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May 27, 2009




Tina A.

awesome! Hope it works out great for you. and that fabric is the reason I wish I sewed. Plus, it's so June.

sue Treiber

I knew you'd get it :)


Congrats Sharyn! My college friend has worked for CM for years (as a travel planner/guide) and seems to love the company too. Good luck!


congrats on the CM spot! enjoy!!


Woo Hoo!!

Congrats on the new gig!

Lisa Dorsey

Congrats Sharyn!

Jen Martakis

Sharyn!! That's awesome!! Welcome aboard - you're gonna LOVE it!!


congrats!!!! (i'm another huge fan of their cutting system, had it for years!)

Tonja Trump

Congrats Sharyn! I love my CM products and swear by them too!

Ashley Harris

Congrats to you Sharyn! How fun!! Enjoy!!


Congratulations Sharyn!!


WOW, that is great! Congrats!


Congrats! What a great job to have!

Jen Davis

So cool, have fun! Lovely card too! =)


Yeah I use to sell there products about 10 years ago.... then on to rubber stamping with close to my heart... now I am into this... www.scentsy.com/scentswithcallie Life is fun ain't it.

Erica Hettwer

Congrats, Torm! :D




Soooooooo excited to have you on the team. :)

Julie M.

Good for you! That is exciting. Hope you enjoy it!


Awesome! Excellent new job! Congratulations on finding the perfect job.


Congratulations! I'm glad you'll have a reason to be sharing more of your beautiful work.


Congrats! How fun!


congrats on your new gig torm. i think that is a perfect fit for you. :)

Cuz Karen

woot woot..
you go girl... began my trip into scrapbooking with CM.. I'll be looking forward to seeing your designs and bragging about "knowing you personally".. LOL
can I have an autograph????
(grin) hugs...


Congratulations on the CM gig. That's awesome! :)

Dale Anne

Silly me didn't even realize they have a design team, thought they might be like Stampin' Up! and have their own design dept.
Look forward to seeing what you work on....

Pearl Maple

Congrats on the CM gig, they will be sure to enjoy your many creative talents and skills.

Great nature photography a few posts back.

As for the question on 2 peas about being quiet, guess everyone has gotten into summer holiday mode a bit early this year and there are so many other options or resources out there that we do not seem to be bumping into everyone at 2 peas as often. Must be time for another party or CHA in spirit day to get the place happening again.


What a wonderful way to use your creative talents and gifts! Congratulations!

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