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July 27, 2009


sue Treiber

The same thing happened (again) for Bart this week. His department is crucial since the bankruptcy, so they are safe until the end of the year. Then what?

Jan C.

That's great news. And 8% cut stings, but it sure could be worse. We don't feel we are immune either, and are trying to keep our contingency fund in good shape, just in case.


i like your perspective. positive attitude makes all the difference.

Michelle P

Yep, it's been a challenging season hasn't it? I'm doing the same scratching, rebudgeting & canceling. Love your positive attitude - it is a great help and reminder for me to keep mine positive :)

cori in wa

All in all, very good news. You have a great perspective and a positive attitude and a grateful heart.... that will certainly help see you through these tough times.

With 4 kids, two of them in or starting college, and WAY less OT we've had to make many cuts here as well. No cable, no home phone, BASIC cell services (truly a necessity with 4 busy teens and strange work schedules), no gym, no clubs, no kits and no subscriptions. MUCH stricter grocery budget and no extras. I've even started "dumpster diving", which has turned out to be kinda fun. I've long shopped at Goodwill for clothing, but even that has gotten more and more spendy as the stores get busier and prices go up. ($10 for a used sweater? YIKES!) They have an outlet store locally, where things are tossed in bins when they don't sell in a certain time frame in their retail stores. $1.59 per pound under ten pounds and $1.39 a pound for 10 pounds and over. My last shopping spree was less than $10 (I rode there on my bike, so no gas $$)and I got a wool pea coat for Amy (that will have to be dry cleaned, so an extra $5 there, but for a $150 wool pea coat, well worth the $5), 2 great summer weight sweaters, 2 thick strapped tank tops (trying to help the teens stay modest, a tee shirt, shorts, work out pants, a sweat shirt and slacks. My shopping urge was satisified and I got some great deals.

Anyway, just one more idea to survive the current battle that is life.

Kuddos to you!


Good luck with your changes! It's been a tough few years for us as well. DH works for the family business and has had a lot of time off. I wish we we been more proactive and changed our lifestyle/spending habits sooner, but we're getting there!


You have the right attitude and outlook - it's been a struggle for us with DH unemployed since May, and now a baby on the way (found out about that about the same time he got laid off! :o)...but we keep taking it day by day, trying to stay faithful, and finding new ways daily to save money as best as we can. Fortunately we never led a frivolous lifestyle so the adjustment hasn't been as hard for us as it is for others - we're thankful for each day that we stay a bit ahead here. :)

Laurie - Old School Acres

Just wondering, do you knit or crochet? I know someone looking for someone to make some things...for pay, of course.


This whole post with the photo and your thoughts should be preserved and looked back on in 50 years by people who want to try to get a feel for the way things were when the economy really tanked. I am so glad your husband still has his job but things are so difficult for so many folks these days, huh? And although it wasn't overnight, it almost seems like it was (except in Michigan, I think?)

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