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September 07, 2009



Allison in the 2nd photo is a classic!

Michelle Rydell

OMG your new band in town story cracked me up - how CUTE are they?!!! Love it! Great photos too!

Laura K.

I love the Rock n Roll band that sings country! It brought back memories of all of the skits/shows that we put on for audiences as kids. and way to go pa, for cheering her on, but then "setting her straight". :)We have to do that to from time to time.

sue Treiber

kayaking, in the rain, at 6:15 am. That sounds like my version of punishment!!
And only Wendy can hear the music? Everyone else listens to the recorder? What an interesting concept. They look good though!



you were up early Kayaking girl .. it is great excercise I bet ..



no way i'm coming close to your scrappy totals this weekend, but i'm only 30 points away from your high score in marble lines!


I love that Wendy is sitting. How come she got to sit and the other two didn't. Too cute!


I am totally cracking up at the band and your hubby's political disagreement with your DD song choice! SO FUNNY! MY husband would TOTALLY do the same thing.
Looks like a great weekend filled with fun times!


I'm with Wendy, just concentrate on the music and forget the politics :)

Look at how pretty it is with the leaves just turning color...

Ann Bimberg

just so i'm clear, it's the dixie chix liberalness, not the song itself right? i dislike them for the same reason, but do love some of their songs. i looked this one up, not knowing it, and didn't see anything overtly political in it. so i'm just wondering, is this just another case of where i have no idea what a song actually means??


TypePad HTML Emailyou're correct - it was their politcal stance - not their lyrics/song

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