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October 26, 2009



I don't think I could remember my walk to school if I tried. I went to one school from K-2 and I can't even remember how I got there. It was a private school so I'm thinking my parents must have driven me, but that doesn't feel right in the ol' memory banks. Then, I know I walked to school from 3-5th grade and again, have zero memories of that walk. Weird how some of us can remember a smoke run and others have no clue what happened to them for 5 years of childhood...

Lisa A.

Ahh, yes! Memories of walking to Pat's Market from Karla's house on a hot summer Saturday to buy Popsicles. Those were the best of times! Also, I used to have to run into Harter's Party Store for my dad's Copenhagen snuff. They used to let little kids buy that stuff in those days (or maybe they just knew it was for our parents).

Pamela Young

LOVE those photos! And I hope you manage to stay well and not get sick...hope everyone gets better too.

Jen Martakis

Oh Sharyn, I am *crossing my fingers* that you don't get sick...Hopefully, if you do, it will be after everyone has recovered and they can take care of you. Sending prayers for Wendy. Poor thing. :(

Memories of school buses and such....yeah, I think I've blocked most of that out. ;)

Christine Hertel

I love your chestnut photos. I remember those... prickly little things. Love your sneak, can't wait to see the rest. :)

Sandie McCarthy-Roberts

Those pics are just wonderful. They bring a warm memory back to me too. I remember walking to school, and yet, I walked my son to school forever. Different times. Keep well!


Hope that everyone feels better quickly and that you don't get sick!

lisa truesdell

sending lots of get well vibes to your house - and loving the memories.


What a great memory-- you should scrap that!


I remember having to walk about a mile to school when we were one block short of the bus boundary. In order to save time, we would cut through the football field. Most of the time they had the gate shut and locked so the boys would climb the fence. I didn't dare climb, so I crawled under it. I must have been a sight when I arrived at school.

Lisa A.

Whoops, I said I walked to Pat's Market with Karla. Actually that was Tebor's...I was thinking Tebor's (in Laurium) and saying Pat's. However, I did go to Pat's Market with Carrie when I was at their house for sleep-overs. [I thought of this a few nights ago when I was lying in bed, almost asleep.]

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