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November 24, 2009



Whoa, you look great! I hardly recongnized you. Inspiring. And I LOVE the sunglasses barn picture/story.

Jan C.

The sunglasses picture is actually pretty cool. It's like you're getting snow and dessert at the same time depending on whether you look through the glasses, or around them!

Jan C.

lol, I think I meant to type "desert." Obviously, I bake too often for my own good.


Well, while I agree that there is still much more to see in Denver... and those photos are FAB... I think your next running away from home trip should bring you to Arizona - where Kesti and I could be your tour guides and trust me... you shall be amazed! :)

Ann Bimberg

i didn't know janet was there still!
i woulda said to say hi from me...
but, alas, sharyn, no bookstore??

joanne (spagirl)

looks like a lot of fun! i love meeting fellow online scrappers (met emily at cha!!) and, i love penzey's... wish we had one here! great photos!


Wow! You got some awesome looking pictures!!!

Pamela Young

Sounds like you had fun! Love all the pictures! :)


You're making me lonesome! ...and I appreciate the Kremmling sign :) Thanks.


wow beautiful pictures


beautiful pics!

Nicole Harper

looks like you had a great time...especially hanging out with those lovely ladies in the first pic! :)

Callie Ann

Excellent pics and story.. Thanks for sharing

Julie M.

So fun looking through your pictures! And especially reading your thoughts that went with the pictures. :D

emily pitts

so much fun! thank you for spending part of the day with us, it's always a treat to get together. you had a gorgeous day to see the mountains!


Awesome photos! It looks like you crammed a lot of fun into your trip. Thanks for sharing!

Nancy K

Oh Sharon,
Those pictures are amazing. What fun to see Colorado again, especially through someone else's eyes(or lens if you will).Glad you were able to see at least some of the park, we spent many weekends up there.And Grand Lake has to be one of the prettiest spots- we stayed there for a weekend.
So glad you had such a nice trip! Next time, take me:) Thanks for posting the pics! Happy Thanksgiving

Tina H.

Hi Sharyn!
Wow....I had no idea I called Juli:) I'll have to call her and find out which great gossip she heard.
Cheryl noticed the Kremmling sign - I told you so (I didn't just say I told you so, did I?)
If your daughter really wants a photo of the cat...I have a bunch of great ones!

Amy L

Hey you look awesome - inspiration for me, I think I'll start that program after these crazy holidays. I have a good excuse of a full time nursing baby in the mean time.
Sounds like an awesome trip. But I am waiting for the Greg running the house post - in need for a good chuckle!

~ Junkyard Jennifer

You look great. Sounds like a fun trip. Have I told you lately how much I enjoy your humor? :)

I've been thinking of you a lot lately because I have one more pound to go to be down 1 bag of sugar--and I'm hoping to hit it this week, but with Thanksgiving and all... We'll see! I keep that analogy in my head ever since you first mentioned it.

~ Jennifer

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