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December 15, 2009


Anna K

Hats and mittens=the bane of a mothers winter existence. No solutions to offer here...I need one myself!

Amanda Susan

we have something like this for our hats and gloves and it works out wonderfully.


got it at Ikea.


I train my kids to stick them in their sleeves. And I do the same. It works good when they're dry. When they're wet, they go down by the woodstove to dry out.


I like the size and look of that one Amanda - I've actually looked at it a couple times. BUT - the ones we looked at on Saturday were all busted - which led me to believe that no way would they hold up to four busy kids in our house.


I've seen this idea before if you have a closet in your front entry:


instead of putting shoes in the slots you can put hats and gloves in them. Living in Texas we don't have to pull out the hat and gloves very often.

I love reading your blog every day Sharyn!

Tina Cockburn

Courtney and I were thinking along the same lines. Here's what I instantly thought of:


Ann Bimberg

got our fake deacon's bench from a craft sale....any antique/craft stores near you you can check out?
i'm a geek about out hats/gloves.
when the kids get home from school, they have to hang up snowpants and jackets, empty and hang their backpacks, and put all hats/gloves/scarves inside them so they are ready for tomorrow.....

carol in seattle :)

I was hoping your link was to that Ward Jenkins print! I *love* his work! Did you know he has a blog? (http://wardomatic.blogspot.com) or that he worked with Rubber Soul to make some stamps (and will be making more)? http://rubbersoul.myshopify.com/collections/ward-jenkins-stamps

Ah yes, Ward Jenkins makes me happy!!!!

carol in seattle :)

ps. Bookgirl is my desktop wallpaper. And I'm hoping to get Hello, Sun (http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=24373270) for Christmas.


I hung a decorative chain from a hook about seven feet off the floor (its' about six ft long) and we clothes pin our mitts and hats to the chain. Everything dries really well (I think I had a pic over on the ol' blog but for the life of me...and the time it's taking while a 3 yr old wants his bedtime books...I can't find it). Unbelievably, nobody hangs from it (and that is saying a LOT!) and it never gets swung around or anything.


A Christmas fund! Now why didn't I think of that?? I'll have to add that to our budget starting in January, that will make life so much easier next year. We don't even have that much to buy for but it sure does add up.

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