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December 26, 2009



Oh, poor Wendy. (And Mom too!) Not fun, I am just getting over a fall I couldn't walk for 8 days. It is still sore! Keep her busy, I spent lots of time reading and the hubby got to help out at home and see how much we do during the day!

Kelley Popp

Healing vibes to Miss Wendy... I know that you'll find lots to do to keep her spirits up. This will be a Christmas she'll never forget-so even though it's a painful time for her it'll be one she can reflect on when she's older. She's lucky to have you for a Mom because you'll be sure to make those memories merry!


My now 11 yo did the same thing (including jumping off a porch instead of a deck) and fractured his growth plate in his ankle when he was 8. He was walking around the ER so we were shocked when they put him in a cast. I know they are pricey but the air cast he got a few days later was AWESOME.


Awww, rats! You have more than your fair share of drama over there!

Julie M.

Oh no! Poor girl. She's one tough cookie.

I have to admit I laughed at your first sentence. The manual for sprain vs. break thing- it sounds like you've done this a time or two!

Busy Christmas weekend for your fam. Hope it gets boring really quick. :)

Karen Greenfield

Does Wendy like to read??? Nancy Drew was always my fave when I was 'hors de combat.' Still is.....and I'm 60 now. Karen

Steph Vetne

Oh man, I am so sorry! That sounds exactly like Em's wrist break last year. Big ((((((hugs))))) to Wendy! Does she want an email buddy? She and Libby are almost exactly the same age. ;)

Laurie - Old School Acres

Oh man. I hope Wendy's injury follows the course of my oldest's ankle growth plate fracture in February. Splint/temp cast for 2 weeks, walking boot for 3 (maybe 4?), and fully healed by 6 weeks. A 6-month check when the orthopaedist gave her an ASO for basketball and she's good to go.

Auntie Barb

Hugs to all of you!

cuz karen

oh goodness, well with the "tricks on crutches" training from Allen, and the crafts, and Christmas break.. all will be well. She is a trooper for sure.. and you mom, were good to be on the safe side.. I want to see pictures of the pretty cast she will get.. I bet it's pink !!!
I'll be praying for quick and total healing..
hugs to you both..


aww shucks! HUGS wendy! the email buddy is a FABULOUS idea steph! my daughter loves doing stuff like that too---she's an expert at sending e-cards. so Torm, email me if wendy has her own email address. my girls would love to send her a pick me up. anything else i can do from here to help? i think this would be a perfect occassion for a disposable camera---"viewpoint from the couch" type photos. (always thinking about scrapbooking...heheeee)

sue Treiber

Poor Wendy! At least everyone is home to entertain and wait on her!



Deb Wisker

ACK! Poor girl! One good thing though is you're a pro at orthopaedics and casts!! Wish her well for me and keep us posted!

Mary Rogers

oh Sharyn - I hope she can avoid surgery, however, since it involves the growth plate I bet that won't be an option.

sweet girl - how will she contain all that energy?


She's using the energy to turn herself into queen bee. This could get old quick.

I don't know if surgery is in the future or not. We'll just take it one day at time and go thru the motions. Our paper says that this fracture should heal well, but requires protection for proper healing. The orthopedic surgeon should be able to give us a more detailed diagnosis.

Lori A

Oh no! So sorry to hear about Wendy.

A crafty idea could be letting her decorate the crutches. Hannah used stickers on hers-her Doctor and Nurses thought it was a cute idea. It made using the crutches a tiny bit more fun. We also made a scrapbook for her with photos of her friends and family signing her cast.


Hope that Wendy heals quickly!


All the best for Wendy. Get well soon!!!

Tina A.

oh, boy. hang in there Mom and Wendy!


Oh no. Ouch! Hope the healing is quick..

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