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January 09, 2010



Already had my cocoa -- I'm heading for bed. Can I send you my pictures and let you make the book?


Great tutorial! I'm so glad to hear you have trouble remembering how pages go on the binding. I always have to get my reference materials out...it doesn't stick with me either. Cocoa sounds lovely.

cuz Karen

hubby is drinking the hot cocoa.. but I love it.. I plan to get some paper I like (my paper stash is low and nothing is appropriate) tomorrow and something to use to put it together. maybe the hoopy things.. LOL I just need to make the covers.. I love it already.. I want to make these every year.. this was so great.. easy for my wandering mind to follow and the pictures really helped me.. I'm hoping I got all my cards facing right.. I had a mishap with one, but have worked out a soulution.. and it will work now, and not have to be upside down.. LOL do this again sometime.. I've loved it..
goodnight hun.. I'll send you a picture of mine when I'm done..


I've been wanting to do this since you talked about it a few (couple? I don't know how long) years ago on scrapsupply! I am SO glad you posted this tutorial because I'm so totally going to dig my cards out (that aren't divided by year - just thrown in a tub with Christmas stuff... think I'll be able to figure out which are from which year? Hmmmm.) and make some of these!!! Um, when my craft room is ready for me to get to my desk - the wall just started going up today... but still... this link is bookmarked!!! Thank you!! :)

Erica Hettwer

I loved the step by step! I've been thinking about making a card book and this is the perfect jumping off point for me. Thanks!

Jill Sprott

I am so not a tool person, but I really, truly, absolutely need a Zutter now. ;) This album is fantastic!

Sasha Farina

stop it will you? LOL.. this is so amazing I want my own Zutter! goodness me.. you're so inspiring!


Very nice work!
Would you make one for me, please!;)


I've been saving all my Christmas cards for years now (hate to throw that stuff out especially the photo cards). This is such an awesome idea and your book looks beautiful! What a treasure! I had just seen Ali's idea, but cringe at the punching here and there. I'm not one to crop photos like that:) This is exactly what I was looking for...now just to purchase one of those binding things...Thanks so much for sharing!


What a beautiful project. I just put them on pages each year with our Christmas layouts. I love to look back and see how the families have changed. Ran out of tape runner at 10:30 last night working on Christmas layouts so after church we need to stop somewhere so I can work more today! Can't believe I ran out of adhesive!


Sasha "sweet thang" Holloway

you really have inspired me to break out my zutter .. this is a beautiful project


It's magnificent!!!


i WILL make one....as soon as my desk is clear of CHA assignments. LOVED the in depth tutorial. you're FABULOUS! heading to my blog now to link it up.

Patti Isaacson

I've been saving my cards for years and I'd love to put them together like this! It's a great idea, and I loved seeing how it all went together. Patti Isaacson


What an awesome tutorial!! This is proof that I need to get a Zutter. You have me inspired to try making this book myself. Thanks Sharyn!


This is awesome! I've always wanted to do one. Maybe I will some day! Thanks so much for the inspiration! :D

Mia C.

Awesome tutorial! Thanks for posting this!

Mary Jo

Your album is adorable! I especially love that snowman on the cover :0)
I am seriously thinking of getting a bind-it-all. Even though I know I don't *need* it, I do so many mini's these days. I think it would be a good investment.


What a great idea! I would def do an album like this!



Kathy Z.

I'm inspired :)


I'm inspired too. I did Ali's idea last year with my square punch and put all the Christmas letters together in a page protector along with it. I want to try your idea this time as it was hard to decide which bits to punch and keep etc...

amy tangerine

this looks awesome!!


Soooo cool. Love it. You should do a community education class! I think it would be a hit!

Terrah Rominger

Wow, I am beyond impressed. LOVE this idea!

Peg Graham

This is a fabulous idea!!! I am planning on doing this with the last few years of Christmas cards I have saved. woohoo! Thanks Torm!

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