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January 15, 2010



cast off already? golly gee....my card probably hasn't even made it to her yet. *sigh*

thanks for the tip on those cups. my kids aren't a fan of jello, but pudding....that's another story. i'd bed i could save quite a bit mixing up my own and distributing rather than buying those convenience packages that are ready to go. we used to frequent GFS, but i haven't been in some time. me thinks it's time for a trip.

Lisa DIckinson

ya gotta love jello! and these individual servings are perfect!!


That's such a good idea for the jello - we'll have to try that. And I really do like the golf balls. I had to try reall hard to word that in a mature way too. :)

sue Treiber

Great idea about the little cups.
Did Wendy ever get my package?


That's how I make my jello shots, but in smaller cups ;)

Hope your chill goes away! That's how my flu started a few weeks ago :( It ended up lasting for almost 4 weeks! Hope you don't get it!


Just reading at SC that you updated about Jello had me giggling, but those cups are genius! Hope you have a great weekend and can shake that chill.

Chris Miller

I love it! What a great way to portion Jello. Now I have to stop at GFS when I go to Marquette next for Ben's Braces.

We have had 5 of 7 people sick. Why do they have to throw up at 2:30 in the morning?

Take care,



Long time reader...first time commenter...
Did you know that Jello can really irritate a dairy-sensitive child's tummy? Something to do with the gelatin coming from parts of a cow...Just thought I would give you a heads up since I remember one of your little boys being lactose/dairy sensitive, as are both of my kids.
Great blog by the way!
You and I have an auntie Barb in common (for me through the H. side!)

nancy k

Good news for Wendy! Bet she will enjoy the weekend.:) So glad I read the jello post!! I had bought some a few weeks ago $$$$ for Jordan when he was recovering from oral surgery. They all took the rest in their school lunches and have been bugging me to buy more. Now my poor jello deprived kids will be happy:) I may even try it with pudding.

Laura K.

I love the jello cups idea too! And i feel like i can comment on this post better. Had to refrain from commenting on your husband's.....carvings, yeah, carvings post!:) There was just too much that i could've added. His...carvings...CARVINGS were very impressive!

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