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February 12, 2010



ohmygosh, sharyn! those are SO adorable! love, love, love. how cute would these be as wedding favors too!? thanks for the link...i enjoyed peeking at the others too!

i just made another batch of sucker flowers last night for ashlyn. i just grabbed a bundle of pink carnations from walmart & pulled them apart instead of using the heidi swapp flowers. while they are easy and quick, i think i would have gone batty making 30 of them because kids and gluedots don't mix, LOL! we made enough for teachers. she has 6 with switching classes & art/gym/music.

anywho. we made our own valentines this year too, but i can't photograph them because i still.don't.have.my.camera.back. grrrrr.


Wow! THese put our valentines to shame...love the BoBunny containers. We will have to do that next year :)


so cute sharyn! my girls wanted store bought this year....bah hum bug.


those are just too cute!

Mary Rogers

super, super cute valentine's sharyn : )


Love them! You are so creative! In the future if you have the itch to make more, you can always make them for my girls to bring and then I can look like a good mom. :)

Laura K.

So cute!! I'll make that my goal next year, to make the valentines. Lexi would love it! These by far outshine any store bought ones!

Sherry Cartwright

Those are THE cutest valentine treats. Love the heart containers.


Those are the cutest Valentine's ever...


how very cool!


Too darn cute! We can't send in anything edible. *sigh*

Laura (vanmama on 2Peas)



Those are perfect. Love 'em!

I did the fist and the sucker ones, after trying something that was clearly going to take 36 hours to make all 75 that were needed.

I was pleasantly surprised that it only took me an hour and a half to make them (if you dont' count the photo shoot) and they were a huge hit!

Deb Wisker

Awesome Valentines! Good job Wendy!!


So adorable!! What a good, creative mom you are!

Sara (from Menahga)

I've been reading your blog for about a month now and thought I should say, Hi! I have had some chuckles along the way! Very fun reading! :)

I made valentines for the first time this year with my kids (more just to save money) but man, nothing like these! LOVE the idea - you are so creative! :)


I loved the idea! Where can I find those plastic containers/bags? I wanna use this idea for my son's 1st birthday party. Please let me know ASAP. Thanks...


I LOOOOOVE ALL your ideas!
WOuld like to know where I can purchase those heart shaped party favors.

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