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August 02, 2011



groooaannn...and I have to know. Did she keep the hairdo in for the ER?


I understand the passing out thing. When I was young I was telling my grandma about getting my tooth pulled out and I passed out.

I nearly passed out prepping for the delivery of my last child. It hurt so bad putting in the needle for the IV I said I didn't feel good at the same time the alarm was going off for my blood pressure dropping.

I could share more experiences, but I guess I was writing to let you know you can be highly sensitive! Hopefully that will be the case with Wendy.


You have had quite the day! I hope everything turns out well.
Awesome hairdo, BY THE WAY!


I am also like that, I guess I didnt know it had a name. You cant talk, think or see someone or yourself get hurt or you will literally be ill. She will learn how to handle it a bit better, it helps me to get control by trying to think about something else, it doesnt always work, but it helps....

Jan C.

Holy cats, you've had a ridiculously stressful day! Put your feet up!

Anna K

I recommend that Wendy not take up nursing as a career...;) Not a fun day.

Dale Anne Potter

LOVE the hairdo. WOW - I've never heard of someone that sensitive. How do you avoid that in her life? And, I hope Brian's X-ray will show nothing out of the ordinary.

Nicole Maki

That is a fantastically funky hair do.

So sorry for your terrible day. It sounds incredibly stressful. Wishing you a happier tomorrow.


Whew!! I feel tired just reading this. I hope tomorrow is better and Wendy can learn how to deal with this issue. Tough stuff!

Mary Rogers

oh dear Sharyn...so much for one day. I hope it isn't anything and that you get good results on Brian. That poor girl what the heck is going to happen when she gets her monthly cycle? (not that you want to think about that today - so sorry) - but seriously, I hope they can do something for her.

Mary Rogers

oh and I forgot to say of course she won for the hairdo - it is fabulous!

Karen Davison

Oh man.......hope everything settles down over there. Thinking of you all!!! Sharyn, I remember Greg blacking out as a kid, does he remember this?

Lisa A.

WHATTA DAY! I had a problem with passing out for many many years, especially if I hurt/cut my hand. It had started with getting a nail stuck in my finger when I was 5. Finally, I have managed to reason with my brain that whatever is happening is "NO BIG DEAL" and that it is unnecessary for me to pass out. I have to keep turning my brain away from the unpleasant thought. Usually I do this by chanting to myself "It's okay, it's okay, it's okay. No need to pass out. No need to pass out." This usually works for the hand-hurt sensitivity...not necessarily for other real pain.


yowza! that is one incredibly bad day for you people. i hope that brian's xrays come back fine and that miss wendy is back to her bubbly self. thinking of you and praying for the best.

jen t

oh my.
i LOVE the hairdo.
this explains how grossed out she gets by the shirtless dudes. poor dear!

and brian...oh my.

healing hopes sent to Tormville!!!!


Oh man, bet you want to head for hills, right about now. By the way, is there a deflated soccer ball in Wendy's hair?! How in the world did you create that without it looking like you used egg whites and a barrel of hairspray?


:( you poor thing. and i can say, i totally understand what a full day at the hospital entails---unfortunately.

i'm sorry you had to go through that.


that blacking out business? no.fun.at.all
hope everyone gets a clean bill of health, real soon like.

sharon Dryjanski

great layout love the use of the new stamp set!

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