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January 17, 2012


Hertha Gearin

Awww... look at that toothless grin and that metal mouth. This photo sure captures a vivid memory of our kids as they are growing up. My daughter just had her braces on a week ago, and she's still into soft diet. So, how did the sale turn out?

Avis Charland

Wendy looks cute in those braces and Brian is an adorable kid with gap teeth! They seem to have that special brother-sister relationship bond. I couldn’t identify the color of Wendy’s braces. Is it white or silver? As a kid, she could’ve chosen aquamarine or pink! Does she still have them until now?

Calandra Janocha

:D Your children look very cute!!! I think all of us had gapped teeth when we were kids. :p Well, the gaps give room for permanent teeth to take place. So, how’s Brian now? My son currently has a gap between his two teeth, and we’re all just looking forward for his more attractive smile pretty soon. :’)

Jerri Franceschi

The two look beautiful with their ‘new’ smile! Allowing time for adjustment can be good for both of them, especially for Wendy. Having braces for the first time can be hard. Sometimes it becomes difficult to eat because of the braces, and oftentimes, you have to return to the dentist to have them adjusted. She may also encounter speech problems early on. It’s exciting to wait for Brian to have a complete set of permanent teeth and for Wendy to have perfectly aligned teeth in the future!

Marlena Tillens

Even though Brian has now missing teeth and Wendy has her braces on, they still have such wonderful smiles! They look charming and adorable! If only we can turn the time forward, we could surely see that their smiles will look so much better.

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