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February 16, 2012


Katie Scott

Looks like we have similar likes - I think I have purchased most of those things pictured.


I bought 4 of the same items :)
I'm glad you're snapped back into place. That sounds like it was beyond painful.


I don't know whats for dinner either...but its easier for me than it is for you....I have a few that can fend for themselves :) I think I am going to Mall Of America to look for a dress, so that's a nice excuse to stop in at Archivers....
Hope you are feeling better...

Jersey Girl Anne

Hope You are feeling better. I would love to find those Jillie bean day banners somewhere. I have looked online everywhere. We do not have an archivers where I live in NJ!! Dont even have a hobby Lobby near me!

jennifer Camplin

feel better.... going to Achriver's.. dangerous for me...

Jennie M

ah....Archivers! LOVE LOVE the chiro!


Sorry you're feeling so bad. When your back or neck hurts, everything hurts. I know what you mean about Motrin. I recently found a large bottle at Sam's. Why is it when something works great, they discontinue or change it or it is in short supply?

Felix Worley

Aw. I feel for you. Neck and back pains can be pretty annoying and excruciating at times. But I think your chiropractor give you some tips to ease the pain. Looks like he is doing a good job with your back!

Allie Bargas

Are you still having neck and back pains dear? I hope not. I know how it can be such a burden every day. I’ve seen my mom wince even with the slightest movements. Chiropractors are a really great help as they provide not only temporary relief, but they also correct muscle and bone alignments.

Gwen Knight

The most common causes of neck and back pain are poor posture, stress, and heavy lifting activities. These cause the muscles of the neck to tense up, which can lead to severe neck and back pain. Having chiropractic care is one of the most effective ways to lessen, or better yet, cure such pain.

Clare Bob

Ouch! I know how you feel. I thought that pain killers would suffice, but my neck pains keep coming back to the point that I can’t do my job properly. It’s a good thing that you are consulting a chiropractor. He will surely help you deal with the pain. My chiropractor is great too. She always gives me tips on how to prevent my posture from getting out of place. I hope you’re feeling better now, btw. Take care!


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Edwina Andreas

The fact that you were able to bend down and reach sorts of things was already an indication of excellent progress, my friend. Good for you! I hope you were able to endure the chiropractic treatment until the end. In that way, you can move, bend down and be able to perform dynamic movements without feeling any pain.

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