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June 27, 2012



Thanks for putting a happy smile on my face! Love that third one.

Deb Wisker

Such great photos! I can't believe how much they've changed! They've lost their baby faces already!


goofy boys!!

Agreed with Deb Wisker above comment..
How much boys have grown!!



Omigosh! Goofy boys! To be young and carefree again... I, of course, had to laugh out loud at the mock nose picking situation. His technique needs a little tweaking. Next time I'm in the neighborhood, I'll stop by for a training session! (Might be a loooooooong time before that happens, Michigan is not exactly on my way home...but you never know!)


Goof balls indeed. What a fun age! Your boys looks like they have a very close relationship. They sure are lucky!!

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