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June 29, 2012



I'm so glad that man didn't pick you. Peeing on his neck would have gone down as THE most embarassing moment ever.


Can you imagine? He'd have dropped me, I bet.

the funny thing is at that when the lady got down, it LOOKED like she peed her pants, but it was all the guy's head sweat. Gross, right?


That is sooo funny- I would love to have been there.


i hear you on the dog thing...we ended up getting a plastic airline crate for Annie on craigslist because of the nightly fireworks...gah!

Ann Bimberg

do I have to be good to have a happy Friday?

Jersey Girl Anne

I'm enjoying all the pictures but understand that you are very busy. Spend all the time you need to ,to be with your dad and family!


Looks like a fun show -- the expressions in the audience are great!

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