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June 25, 2012



Yay!! :)


It amazes me that they actually found the darn hat. Great story!


Now that is a good, fun balloon story! Thanks for the morning smiles


Reminds me of last summer when my hubby lost his favorite hat on a roller coaster at Michigans Adventure - only we knew exactly where it was and they wouldn't let us near it. Many phone calls later and about 6 weeks arrived in our mailbox! :) Men and their hats, go figure!

Amanda J.

That was an awesome story! I loved the pictures and the commentary. I'm still smiling :).


Absolutely hilarious! Love the first hat pic closer up followed by the entire tree perspective, "good luck with that," I thought. Can not believe they got it!

Rene W

Fabulous storytelling, Torm. You had me on the edge of my seat. And I love knowing the behind the scenes info.

Rachel Cleer

That is one great story! Thanks for sharing, so sorry I wasn't there to experience it in person. :)

Denny's Angel #1

A great story and I experienced it first hand! Thanks to our great crew photographer, we have the memory of a fun filled morning of Ballooning at Balloonfest! Signed "Denny's Angel #1" :)


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