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August 26, 2012



Those are guinea pigs not gerbils. They live a long long long time where gerbils do not. Glad you got balloning.


Gerbils??? Never saw that one coming! I read that their life span is only 2-5 years, but do you think they'll have little baby gerbils in the meantime?

Julie H

You have guinea pigs. not gerbils. And they can make a lot of noise at night. No one wanted ours in their bedroom because of the squealing. They are nice to hold and if get loose, easy to find. also like to be outside on the grass.


ha - that'll teach me to post pre-coffee. I knew that. really. I did. it's corrected now. hahhahahah

Rene W

Not so long ago you were a no pet family. Now look at you--first Tippy, now these cuties!

Deb Wisker

Bob and I had a guinea pig when we first got married, she was a red basic pig, and we named her Maggie, after Margaret Thatcher.
She greeted us with happy squeals in the morning when we woke up and when we came home in the evening.
Just remember, fresh water every day and they need their guinea pig pellets as much as their fresh veggies.

Auntie barb

Katie's kids just got a couple of these "things" too. I refuse to stay at their house while they are living there. Maybe the rest of my kids will think its worth the investment.


I am cracking up at this post. Can totally relate on many levels. I'll join you in the "sucker" tattoo. : )


Do you need another dog?


How about a cat? I know "someone" that has an elderly manx with a case of fleas. Free shipping!

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