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November 16, 2012



I love this idea

Cindy H

One question ... Does the cleaning part of your well-balanced day have to be "completed" once the task is started? I may have a few problems if I happen to adopt your plan some day :)

I do like your theory ... just a few goals with minimal expectations may just accomplish that much more than lofty plans.

Jen t

This is super cool. And I would buy one from an etsy shop, if the suggested guidelines were on the first page so i could be reminded. Hint, hint.


This is a great way to keep I well balanced day! This just might be what I need in my day. Thanks for a great idea!


i adore this idea! i adore the journal! but the ocd in me wants 6 Cs. how about create cook clean crawl Calesthenics and Cash?

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