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December 19, 2012


Cuzin Karen

hmmm somthing stinks.. I know you're on the phone now.. inquiring minds want to know.. our kid never paid.. hmmm do tell asap...


It may be the new trend. The kids here had to bring $2 each in order to throw whipped creme pies at their principal's (or Carla's) face. The money went to a local family with a preschooler doctoring cancer. A good benefit for sure!

Laura ODonnell

my daughter's school has dress down days where you have to pay, but the money goes to a charity. hoping your is the same. otherwise, hmm.

Tina Rhodes

I am in Northern Indiana.. My son's school also does this and the money raised goes to buy Christmas gifts for a needy family.


I'm all for it if it helps support a cause (that I believe in) or a family. I'd just like to see the memo, because I missed that.


And geez louise, these word verifications are long. Sorry about that guys - the spam had picked up again. I take it down now and then until the spammers find me and then it goes back.

Jen M

When the boys were in public school they didn't have to pay for spirit days but now that they are in catholic school and have to wear a uniform there are certain days where if they bring a dollar to donate to a charity picked out by the school/church then they can wear anything instead of their uniforms.

I do agree that there should have been a memo of some sort sent home. I dislike bad communication!!


Iguess my thought is that there are kids in the district who can't even afford food for their lunches - Wendy sits near one - so making them pay in order to feel a part of school spirit? Sucks.


I know at our school, when they do weeklong spirit weeks, the kids only pay $1 for the last day. It's all donated to Civic concern, and it's always in the school newsletter.

Lisa A.

You make a good point, Sharyn. Spirit week should be to make students feel like they belong!


Sometimes Student Council will offer "spirit days" where the kids have to pay a dollar to participate. They are usually collecting money for a charity. The Southwest Elementary Student Council had a "Stuffies for Sandy" day where the kids could donate a $1.00 to be able to bring their stuffed animal to class for the day. These are usually special days to collect money for a charity. The school will usually have school wide spirit days on Friday or over a certain week where everyone can participate and no money is collected.


Oh man, I am sorry but this is ridiculous!!! I'm all for helping out charities as much as the next guy but to piggy that on school spirit day is RIDICULOUS!!! I don't care about memo's, sky writing, t.v. ads, nothing. OK, so let's play devil's advocate, (since I've got loads of time on my hands here...(-:), "well, if we don't raise money for this and that cause during dress down day, or spirit day, or some other fun event that could just be for fun because they're KIDS, if we just try to raise money alone for that cause then we don't get enough money." Um, sorry. Now, the pie at the principal thing to raise money, I'm all for it. That's like a little event, it's not school spirit day, or pay to dress down, whatever, make a little event to raise the money I'm cool with, piggy back on regular fun school stuff, D.U.M.B.!! If you'd like to know how I really feel...haha!

Patti Isaacson

Our school has hat days where you pay to wear a hat, but it's not connected to school spirit days. It's always to raise money for a cause.

Anna K

What my mom just said right above me-there have been hat days specifically for a cause; anything from raising money to buy books for the class to helping out someone in need, but the spirit/festival weeks are come-one-come-all. It's been around for a while, they started some of the pay to wear a hat days when I was in school...


Both my kids' elementary and middle schools do this. It's always been that way since ds started kindergarten 7 years ago.


I remember we had to pay fifty cents to wear a hat.. -Paige

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