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June 14, 2005



again, so so so excited for you! and i'm excited for me, too, because i went to their website because of your toot and found out i can buy a replacement stamp for one that's gone missing. not that you care, but i feel compelled to tell you. ;)


I am soooo excited for you, Sharyn!!!!!! :)


Way to go Sharyn. Your stuff is so much better than what Technique Tuesday's design team currently has showing in their idea gallery. You'll really crank things up a notch over there!

Sharyn (Torm)

ooooh, Anon...I tried emailing your anon account, but it came back. Thank you for your vote of confidence....I can only hope to live up to it and compare to the other work. Truly.



Wanda E. Santiago

Hey beautiful I am so happy for you you so deserve that and more!! Now don''t be forgetting the little people when you get famous. Anyways love their stamps. Hugs Wanda


congrats again tormie....how incredibly exciting for you! i look forward to seeing your lovely creations! ;D

Peg Graham

Congrats again Torm-a-lot!
Can't wait to see all the fun things you do on the DT! (Thanks for the link). Too much fun!


Sherry Steveson

WOW! THEY emailed you..... Man... gotta go update my gallery a little bit, don't I ! I 'm so happy for you I could do a dance. Yea yea.. I am crazy like that, I dance little jigs when I'm happy. Looks like you might need to set some new goals, sister!

Amy B.

Sharyn that's awsome! can't wait to see what you do with their stamps.


OMgosh that is just so so awesome congrats on being halfway to your goal and for the huge TOOT.


Wow, congrats! I love TT. I discovered them along with a friend when I tagged along to HIA 2004 with her. I've got quite a collection going and share my love of their product whenever I can. I'm green with envy!

Can't wait to see your stuff in their gallery. What a compliment that they emailed you!


Congrats again, Sharyn! What an awesome opportunity!! Have fun with it!


CONGRATS Sharyn!!! That is so awesome, good for you!!!! So cool that THEY contacted you - you go girl!!!!! :-)


Super-jealous here! But VERY happy for this well-deserved honor! Go get 'em girl!!!

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