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June 02, 2005





Bahahah!!!!! Now how on earth did it get in the tree?

(Oh and thanks, now I've got that dang banana song in my head! LOL) ;)


ROFLMBO!!!!!! That is too funny!!!

Ashley G

LMAO! Kids are too frikken funny. I say this now... before mine has thrown his belt in a tree. LOL!

Sherry Steveson

OH, STOP>>>> are you sure you're not a comedian part-time?


Amy B.

oh man, that's too good! I swear that's the sort of thing that would happen around here. although I can't say I've ever found a belt in a tree before. socks, yes. no belt. LOL!!


oh, that is so cute! :)



crack me up! again! what in the world???????


That is hysterical. Obviously, once someone took it, she/he put it in the tree to make it look like Allan left it there. Right?!? ;)

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