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July 04, 2005


Pat Daigle

Oh My Gosh! I love these boxes and I think that even though my kids are older I am going to have to do this for them. We have decided that we are going to Florida for Thanksgiving and they will be great for the trip.
Thanks for the idea.


Those are a great idea, too bad I'm too old for my parents to make one for me and me buying all the stuff ruins the surprise. :)


that is the coolest idea ever.
I do travel bags but never collecting stuff all year long like that. WHAT A GREAT idea for our Disney trip.
Hope you do a page about this awesome memory of their childhood.
You are SUCH a neat mom


Love the boxes, Sharyn!!! We do something similar... but not nearly as creative or organized! LOL!


Oh my gosh...what a FAB idea...my little guy would just love this...I have a "phone box" that I used the concept at times...but just never thought of travel...you are the BEST girl!!

Off to make a travel box!! :)


what a cool idea


you're so clever torm. love this idea. going to start using it when g gets a little older.


what a totally great idea. I think I am going to try and put one of these together for our trip to Jersey on Saturday.


you are the coolest mom ever!!


I did paint cans for friends of ours when they moved to another state and filled them with little things for the girls to use and snacks and stuff. We're doing a trip from Texas to Chicago and back at the end of the month and i'm going to go get 3 more plastic paint cans and do the same thing again . .. so I guess we'll have travel cans! Will be expensive here, as I haven't garage saled or anything.


That's a great idea! I should put some of these together for our trip to the coast!

May (chocoholic pea)

my mom did something similar for us. HOW FUN!!! I will have to make one for my girl!!!

Dale Anne

We used to have these for our two kids also when we travelled.......! We covered the old Japanese oranges box - they shared the one big box. And, yes, it was not played with any other time.

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