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August 17, 2005


Amy B.

LOL, Sharyn! that's hilarious!! oh and the mis-spelling is priceless. hey, maybe you will luck out and Brian will be as late with teeth as Libby ;) she just barely has her first tooth. she's darn lucky she was toothless when she went through her biting phase :o


That comic is absolutely hilarious!!!!!

sherry steveson

Great little comic. Don't be afraid, embrace it!




That comic is TOO FUNNY! I actually like the "teat" misspelling. SO funny. =) Our little ones are 3 weeks apart... mine turns 6 months one week from today. It has gone by SO FAST! Sorry you are a chew toy- my DD weaned herself... so I am not afraid of her, but when I watch her with her bottle- OUCH! I think I would be scared too! Good luck... and thanks for the giggle. =)


Kelly Edgerton

I love the Brian list! You forgot to add that he's a very, very, very cute baby. Allan's comic is hilarious. I'm rolling that he had that ready and waiting for you as you began another nursing adventure. Funny, funny boy.


Hilarious! Awe, Brian is absolutely precious. Perhaps we could see another photo to celebrate this day! :) LOL. I just love the comic.


OMG that is too much!! Hilarious!


omigosh!! That comic is a riot!!!!!!ROTFL!! (and ya know, come to think of it, sometimes I feel like that final scene...and I'm not nursing anymore!) LOL


oh my goodness, that is so cute! You gotta scrap that comic! How awesome of him! (I swear I thought that said TEET LOL) Sharpening teeth, man that one has me chuckling, and it's so true. LOL

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