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August 31, 2005



AWESOME entry, Sharyn! This one NEEDS a LO!


Wow and I thought I was the only one who had the Sunshine Family. But I didn't have the grandma and grandpa. I do have two little babies though, instead of the more traditional one...but not little girl. Sigh, those times sounded awesome. I remember mine in similar fashion - it was an era of simpler times. Great blog entry! :)


okay so you're scrapping this right??? RIGHT????

Kelly Edgerton

OH MY GOSH! The Sunshine Family! My little sister played with those and my mom still has them. Both of my kids have grown up with The Sunshine Family fun at Grammy's house. I'm laughing right out loud about the grandma being naked. Wonder where she's hiding?


What a handsome family...poor naked and shivering grandma.


OMG!!!!!! I had the sunshine family, too!!!!! And, my first boyfriend (in 3rd grade) was named Stevie and I used to dream that I would grow up and marry him and we would bring the sunshine family to life!! ROFL!!!! And, this is exactly why I save you for last!!! =)


I'm sure your mom will have a small heart attack when she reads the title of this entry. LOL!! Great memories.


I totally agree..this is a layout, Sharyn! Great memories!


Yes - I did very nearly have heart failure - as the picture was slooooooooowly downloading and I could only see a little mop of gray hair that looked suspiciously like mine!

~sharon (Walka-Mowlie)

Oh, I remember them well. In fact, they're still in the loft of the barn. And they had some sort of house that could be folded fairly flat for storage. I think it had a yellow roof. Then when the girls got to the point of wanting the family to have neighbors I made another house (from a box) complete with beds, curtains, the whole she-bang. Thanks for the walk down memory lane! I really should dig them out, just for old times sake.


OMIGOSH!! The Sunshine Family! I got this one year when I was BEGGING for a Barbie!! My mother though Barbie had negative connotations and gave me the Sunshine Family complete with Mini-van and some kind of house I thought! I loved the tiny baby, but hated that I didn't get the Barbie. =(


I had the Sunshine family too -- and then I had a Cindy (I think that was her name -- maybe Syndy?) doll who was Barbie-like but had dark hair. She was way bigger than the the Sunshines; Mrs. Sunshine looked kind of frumpy and really short next to her. Anyhow, she was the babysitter in my little world... :) I had the whole family except the little girl. What was with that uncomb-able hair, eh? I wonder what my mom did with those... :)


Nancy Nally (ScrapNancy)

I think I still have some of those somewhere...only I had two of the daddies for some reason...mommy sunshine was a polygamist! LOL


I had a Sunshine Family too... I never had a Barbie until I was 30. I had the camper truck and remember crocheting clothes for them. I took them to our cabin in the snow and had them sled down the hill in the top to an egg carton. They had a hot tub made from a dark blue tupperware that I nicked from my grandmother.

Thanks for the blast from the past.


poor naked grandma...you totally crack me up LOL. The Sunshine Family warms my heart too and I still have mine as well! Loved the camper too, loved their sweet little wholesome faces. It was hard to make them have arguments, though, because they always looked so darn happy...and omigosh, I had the Barbie Townhouse!! I thought the elevator was absolutely the coolest thing. LOL


delightful. poor grandma. :D


just discovered your blog on the Pub. had the sunshine family too, and the grandparents. also had their vehicle and little camper. very hippy like, loved it. thanks for posting this!


Oh My Gosh - the Sunshine family! My sister and I had these dolls. I remember Steve's red turtle neck started ripping out at the neck. So you think Mrs. Sunshine was ripping his clothes off while they were alone in the Barbie case??? I never thought to look for hickies!!!
Thanks for the reminder of childhood. It made me smile!

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