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September 21, 2005



Great idea. Right now, I have a book of 3! Actually, it's more like an envelope of 3 ;). But I do have plans for more . . . though it's so hard not to share ;).


ROFL!!! Did you see my edited blog entry from this week???!!! =)


I think I can try that! It's not easy holding them back from submitting...wait what am I saying? I haven't created that much lately due to business and headaches so basically I WISH I could create ten layouts... that will be my goal to start the book - and then perhaps I will put something in it at some point.

Barb H.

How brilliant are you? I think I'm going to start my own "Book of Torm"

Wanda E. Santiago

Hey beautiful I am so happy you talked about this, I started mine over the summer and right now I think I have 20 in there to select from. I am proud that I started it now to keep up. Hugs Wanda

Amy B.

this is really a great idea. I already have three I can put in mine. I may have to start one ;)


This is a great idea!! I may have to do this, too!

Ashley G

I've 3 for my book of 10 so far. :) ...oh and good idea about using pictures from now so there is no temptation to submit. SMART cookie you are.

Steph (karlslove)

I need to do this. And I will...as soon as I get this custom album out of the way.

Kelly Edgerton

Brilliant, my dear Watson. What a fantastic idea. You are a genius.

Julia David


This is such a great idea! I am starting it today. (Okay, tomorrow)



I am GOING to do this! Great idea~thanks for sharing it here.

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