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October 23, 2005


sherry steveson

OH MY GOSH>> you took a CHUNK outta your HEAD!! whoa..... girl... I hope you are alright.

MI crop... I'm so jealous!!

Drama on the boards.... it'll get back to business as usual soon enough. I think it's a good thing, really. I miss the Pub talking and I think there will be a balance soon. Just hang on tight.. you'll see!

Well, hope baby boy is feeling better! What a cool invention by hubby... can he mass market it? LOL


Hey gal...
Don't you DARE turn away from the Boards. I would miss you too much.

Hope your head feels better, you get some rest for the busy week ahead...and Brian is making peace with the Greek salad.


Steph (Karlslove)

you make me smile?! Have I mentioned that lately? Oh, and do you have a sister/cousin/some sort of relation that attends the Tuesday morning weight watchers meeting? I swear to you there is a woman there who favors you SOOO much. She has a little one in a carrier..a boy I think?

Linda J

It was great to see you at the crop yesterday Torm - which is one of the reasons that I pushed hard to at least get to drop in for awhile. I loved seeing your pages IRL - and seeing Brian too. I did miss seeing the wound in your scalp ... ouch!
I am totally understanding your sadness about the MS boards - last night I was really feeling badly because of it. I love this hobby so much - have found some wonderful "cyber" friends that I enjoy and also have great respect of their talents. I don't want any part of the sourness that I have seen. Scraping for me is about "the good stuff" - preserving precious memories, pushing myself to see how I can express what I want to say in a new way (for me), using my cool supplies, (LOL - I revert back to my childhood - a very long time ago - when I loved getting new school supplies), enjoying and getting to know a new group of women that are sharing some of the same feelings that I have - enjoying and participating in the encouragement of one another that generally seems to flow freely. The the only MB board I frequent has been so accepting of me - even though I am a non submitting scrapper. I have learned so much there. It really does sadden me to read some recent posts.
To end this on a happier note -- wishing you a week even though it is full and busy -- heaped with fun. :) Also - cool idea for raising your table height!


Tormie, I wish I could have been in MI to see you again! Smooches to you and Brian!

I know what you mean about the boards. I think I am done too. :(


TOOOOORRRRM. Hope your head is feeling better, yowza. What an ingenious dh you have! Mine probably would have let my back hurt and then use it as an argument as to whY I should not scrap so much.

As for the mb thing, you took the words right out of my mouth. I am at such a loss about the whole thing.

Love ya


Kelly Edgerton

Sharyn, that head bonk sounds very painful. I'm sorry that you are missing a chunk from your skull. Ditto on the MB. YAY on the DSL. And, poor baby Brian - his little tummy is just not ready for Greek. About that camping - girlfriend, I'm feeling for you. Sounds cold to me.


So Wendy is not thrilled the table level is at her nose now? Imagine that...

The boards...I've kept my mouth shut. I'm sure the politics will die down, it always levels out. I pop in so irregularly anyway..


How did I miss so many blog entries at once? Wowza!

Capris with boots and a warm top is the new winter fashion. Get with it!! (Any excuse to go buy a new pair of boots. They'll fit no matter what the scale says) :)

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