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October 25, 2005


Linda J


Barb H.

I love it!


Too funny!!

Amy B

Too funny! I love how reading does that for their vocabularies. I love how my kids seldom have to ask what something means, although I do want to get them dictionaries because I have found their definitions of certain words to be not quite right. you can only get so much from context, lol!

Janet O

oh heck...bubba is headed down that same path! rofl!


ROFL! Emily is the exact same way! She gets so mad at Elizabeth because "she's sauntering past my room mocking me." haha!!!


OMG, how funny! My son always refers to liquids as "fluid" or "liquid" instead of whatever it is. It's VERY funny. I love Alan's interpretation of what he was doing at that hour. By the way - WHY was he disassembling at 4 am?


ROTF!!! I love it! Heck, the biggest word we use is soda instead of saying pop


LOL!! I can barely say "disassembling"


That is CLASSIC!


and where have *I* been???

absolutely hysterical!


LOL! That is too funny!!!! Aw, HECK! You win the vocabulary contest! :-)


Wanda E. Santiago

That is so funny!! Torm you are something else!! Hugs Wanda


Very cute! the word that amazes me from my four year old is "Actually". She prefaces every thought with the word!



bwahaha! :D

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