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October 30, 2005



Wonderful pictures Sharyn - I'm so glad your first fall camping trip was such a success!


Oh Sharyn...I can't believe I am saying this, but you ALMOST make me want to move!! Those pictures make me long for a fall like nothing I have ever seen!! WOW!

Linda J

Gorgeous pictures! I was thinking of you this weekend - so happy that the weather was perfect for you to have such a good time.


Ohmy...WOW...the colors!!!...the pictures!!! My faves: Greg and the kids with the pumpkins, the 3 girls in the red tree, close-up of Brian (TOO TOO much)


Love your pictures! Al looks like his dad with that cowboy hat. And I'm impressed you thought to bring pumpkins to carve! Glad you had a good time.

Wanda E. Santiago

Beautiful photos and I am so happy you had a wonderful time!! Hugs wanda


Oh my gosh!!!!! AMAZING pictures!!!! The jumping one, the one with all 3 of your kiddos, up close of btt, and the last one of him sleeping - they are awesome!!! I'm sooo glad you had fun!

Peggy (mountaindew*pea)

those were awesome. Looks like you had a blast. The one of the diver into the pile of leaves. Hope he was okay. That was quite the amount of air he had compared to the pile of leaves. LOL


Beautiful pics!!! I love that new profile pic for you, too, over there on the left!

Kelly Edgerton

Talk about peak color! You sure did get some awesome shots of the foliage. I'm loving Allan's hat! And, how cute is Brian? The picture of all three kids really captures the blue in their eyes - that is my favorite one! Your new profile picture is dang stinkin' cute too... who took it? They did a great job! I'm so glad you had a good time. That makes me smile.


beautiful!!! alan is such a cutie too. love that hat!


Sounds like you had all the ingredients for a perfect weekend. Your pictures are just beautiful.


I love that one of you!!! -- on the left there :-)


Ashley G

WOW! Wow. Awesome pics. Seriously. WOW.

Peg Graham


Now those photos say FALL to me!
And Your kids just keep getting cuter and cuter!



oh my word!! awesome pictures!!


I love these pictures. The one of the three kids is so sweet and the one of Brian. Awwwww sooooo cute. You know I am not a camper. I have been camping once - at Jellystone when I was 13. I have never wanted to camp since then. My in-laws are BIG campers. Not even a little tempted to join in this event. But I looked at your pictures and read your post and for one teensy tiny moment I thought "Gee, camping that looks like fun" than I remember myself and who I am and thought - "nope". :-)
It looks like you had a blast and I can almost smell those leaves.
Angie ~ cupcake

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