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October 23, 2005



HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! You have mastered legalese, Torm! ;) Hmmmm...not exactly sure how to get you out of said pickle that you're in, except maybe to plead a head injury??? ROFL!!! :D


Be sure to pack your long jons.


I'm thinking you are not getting out of this one, so pack some warm clothes, lots of hot cocoa and a couple of good books and mags! No, skip the mags. They'll just make you want to be home scrapping. You can always stay inside your sleeping back and read! OH, and don't forget a nice warm hat to sleep in and SOCKS, SOCKS and more SOCKS! And did I mention socks? You'll survive. You may even find that you like it!!


Barb H.

Oh man. I'm glad it's not me.


Have you looked into what motels are around there? Bring swimsuits in case you end up staying somewhere with a pool. Have fun. ;)

Kelly Edgerton

YIKES! What the heck is up with that? And, whose idea was it anyways? Yes, you have been shanghied. Have fun....



Amy B

Camping in the cold?! sharyn, I don't want to alarm you but I think you need to call the local insane assylum. As Administrator of Bedlam, I have some experience with these things.

What? what did you say? hummm. sorry, it's the voices talking again. don't mind me.


I dunno. This is something I couldn't even pretend to be excited about. What in the world made you say yes in the first place? That poor baby! :)

Ashley G

You have a terrible case of diarreah. Sudden onset to commence Saturday morning... What poor timing. : )

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