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October 26, 2005



But Sharyn -- I don't see "iron nips" anywhere on the bra... ;) Looks really cool anyhow. Do you know that song that Bette Midler sings -- "Otto Titsling"?? Very funny. :) Kudos on all your productivity today!! :)


Becky  Thompson

That bra is great!! I'm dying about Carmen's "Iron nips" comment, though...I can't BELIEVE you didn't put that on there! ;)

Good luck with the contest!

Barb H.

That costume is a riot...I really need to get on the ball with that one. Shannon is still costume-less. The bra is a riot. I want to see you model it. ;-)

Amy B

The bra is so funny! what a crack up and you are so brave to post that thing on the biggest scrapbooking site there is. ;)

good luck getting everythng done for camping!


ahhh . . . great ramblings as usual . . . eager to hear more this morning. :D

oooh! my lss ordered technique tuesday for the first time this week! i want all the circley stamps. ha! i'm officially jealous of you now. and i saw sweet little wendy in the catalog. :D

Ashley G

Your bra rocks!


Loving the bra! Sure hoping it wins (would be shocked if it didn't!).

You know, I've never left a comment about loving bras. Seems a little funny.

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