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December 17, 2005



I do hope you save that "staking". Truly priceless and so funny. I purchased my DD's stocking. I wish I could make it, but no sewing machine... so maybe next year. (rumor has it I am getting a sewing machine for Christmas!)


So cute!! :) And it looks very much like a dad-and-son project.. I hope you keep it. I think Brian will enjoy it when he gets older :)


Ashley G

HA! That is funny!


Pretty cool stocking I must say! I wonder if they plan on going into business selling them for those who didn't finish or buy a stocking by the week before the big day! LOL. I love it. Yea, Typepad is totally annoying, but at least I only lost a few of my pix so far. WE'll just have to see what happens next! Have a good weekend Torm.


The Typepad thing is beeezarre, no? Random things disappearing, etc. That stocking is adorable! You must, must save it!


hi-freaking-larious!!! gotta love the ingenuity of men


Defintely a keeper, that stocking.

BTW, if you republish your blog, it does help with the missing images and stuff.


That is absolutely HILARIOUS!!! You MUST save that!


that is absolutely the best!


That is waaaaay too funny!!! harper didn't have a stocking until last week, either. Only hers isn't that cool duct tape variety... (duck tape?)

DanaHollis  (a Californian married to a UP'er living in Minnsota!)

ROFLMBO! Oh my gosh...that stcoking is PRICELESS! Giggle, Giggle, Giggle.... I love it!

Amy B.

ROFLOL!! too funny!

Steph (karlslove)

lol, outstanding.

P.S. avoid my most recent blog entry....it's very anti-U.P. and I wouldnt want to offend.



I see that your family shares your sense of humor :D I enjoy the decorations immensely ;)

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